Monday, November 30, 2009

Finally, A Blog Button!

I'm reading: Finally, A Blog Button!Tweet this!

Okay, I'm only getting ready for my four year blogaversary and I've *finally* figured out how to make a blog button. (Four years! How the heck did I wind up with gifted kids?)

Hormone-colored Days

Here's the code:

Hormone-colored Days

D'Oh! When I paste the code in "compose" mode Blogger automatically posts the graphic again. Further proof of my technospazosity, which could the Big Word of 2010. You know, like Unfriend and Twitter are for 2009. If you so love my blog that you'd like to post it on your sidebar blog, let me know and I'll email the code to you. *sigh*

Edited to add: Thank goodness for @DrewKime!


Drew Kime said...

Compose the message, without the button link. Then switch to HTML mode and create a blank form with a "textarea" field, and paste your code in as the content. It should look like this:

<form><textarea cols="50" rows="5">your code here</textarea></form>

Play around with the "cols" and "rows" values until you get a good size.

Missy said...

I'll add your button - I love your blog! How DOES one get a button?