Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Chanukah Gift Basket Giveaway!

I'm reading: A Chanukah Gift Basket Giveaway!Tweet this!

Edited to add: Check out this must-see Chanukah video. I dare you not to smile.

Have you noticed the trend toward talking about holidays instead of just Christmas? It's nice when people recognize traditions like the solstice, Diwali, Kwanzaa and Chanukah, but all too often "holiday" is really a PC word for Christmas.

Take the CTA Holiday Train. Who are we kidding? It's the Santa Train. (That said, I think it's delightful and I'm working on a Tweet-up on 12/23 to celebrate it's arrival in Skokie because the train seems more like reason for a family-friendly get-together than, say, the opening of the new LazerZone.)

My point is, yesterday the folks at 1800Baskets offered me the chance to provide a holiday gift basket for my readers and I thought of it as an opportunity to go Full Chanukah. Yeah, baby.

Thanks to them, I'm offering a Chanukah gift basket filled with goodies that will arrive before the end of the holiday. Well, it's not Full Chanukah and possibly not all Kosher, but it does have a tasteful blue ribbon and shiny blue packaging, which will nicely complement the Chanukah-themed kitchen and bath towels gifted to you many years ago.
Beyond the tasteful ribbon, the basket contains many tasty treats within: sugar cookies, chocolate covered graham crackers, honey wheat pretzels, chocolates, and much more. Click for the full scoop on the basket, which has a retail value of $74.99.

To enter, leave a comment sharing one of your favorite Chanukah traditions. Make sure you leave me your email or a link to it, so I can contact you. For extra entries, tweet this giveaway and come back and comment letting me know you've done so. Entries will be accepted through 2:00 PM CST on Monday, 12/14/09.

Fine print: The only payment I'm receiving for the contest if the joy of sharing. If only warm fuzzies paid the mortgage....The prize will only be shipped to a US mailing address. Sorry, DH, I know you love snacky gift baskets, but this contest is not open to members of my immediate family. The winner will have 24 hours to contact me with a mailing address or another winner will be chosen in order to expedite the prize.

Take a peek behind the scenes of 1-800-Baskets in my Whrrl story. I haven't looked at gift baskets the same way since then.

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While I was on tour at DesignPac, the 1800Baskets facility, I noticed they are sister companies with HearthSong, which offers fabulous alternatives to holiday gifts from Big Box stores. They have loads of fun, creative toys that are not branded with corporate icons and labels. When my mother attempted to offer my young boys Toys R Us Greed Guide, I offered up the HearthSong catalog as an alternative. I knew they could choose anything out of it without me having to censor their choices.


drlori71 said...

Ooh, I'd love to win this basket! One of our Chanukah traditions is that we go to my SIL's annual Chanukah party. There's lots of food, fun, kids, presents and noise.
Happy Chanukah!
(I just RT'd this giveaway)

Kimberly/Mom in the City said...

I'm not Jewish, but I can still enter, right? I hope so, because each year we try to do one Chanukah related thing with our kids. (That's the great part of living in NYC.) One year, we went to a show at the CMOM. This year, I think that we will try cooking. (Any suggestions/recipes?)

Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, I'm in!
My favorite tradition used to be latkes on the first night and jelly donuts on the second, but since we're lowfat this year, and I am no good around spitting frying pans, we're without the latkes (although I may reneg on the donut promise...).
This year, I am teaching Sprite the dreidel game since she's old enough to recognize letters and numbers and the value of trying to win chocolate. :-)
Pick me!

Elita said...

My favorite Chanukah tradition was always helping my grandma make the latkes. I loved her recipe. She would say, "We need a cup of flour," but it wasn't actually a one cup measure. No, she'd just grab the first coffee mug she saw. Thinking about the holidays always reminds me of her and her fantastic cooking. I can remember one year a friend of the family gave me grandma a recipe for some kind of meringue pie. The measurements were so screwy (she cooked like my grandma) that we tried the recipe 4 or 5 times and wasted dozens of eggs trying to get it right and we finally just gave up. We had a good laugh about that one for years.

TechyDad said...

One of my favorite Chanukah traditions is spinning dreidels with my oldest son. This year, I might even try to teach my youngest (2 1/2 years old), though I don't think he's quite old enough to master it.

TechyDad at TechyDad dot com

TheAngelForever said...

Two of my favorite Chanukah traditions are things we are doing with our boys now. My mother used to buy dreidels and M&Ms to teach my classes the game. Last year I did the same with my son's kindergarten class. The other is eating lots and lots of latkes. This year we will be doing it with an extended family Chanukah party over the weekend. Thanks for passing on the Chanukah fun.

WkSocMom said...

My least favorite is tearing the house apart looking for the menorahs :) My favorite is bringing Hannukah into the kids' classrooms, this year I've actually decorated sugar cookies in hannukah shapes. Wow, royal icing a life saver.

@busymomto5 said...

we play dreidel with lima beans, i dont know why, but in my 40 years, we have always used the lima beans!

thanks for having a chanukah giveaway, there are not enough of them!

Evenspor said...

I'm not entering. I just couldn'r resist pointing out that Santa Claus is not a religious symbol, and a Santa Train, no matter what you call it, has very little to do with a Christian celebration of Christmas.

Elita said...

I tweeted

Flyin' By Faith said...

I'd love this basket! My family is celebrating out first Hanukkah this year. We put up our menorah last week. I'm sorry to say that I don't yet have any memories to share, but am excited for the ones that are to come.

My daughter (3) can't wait to play with the dreidel so she can eat the gold foiled choc. gelt in my fridge. Every day, "Mommy is it time yet?!" She's so excited.

I'm also looking forward to enlightening my in-laws about the holiday. As we are all Christian, they are unfamiliar. I am excited to open their eyes to this new holiday/tradition.

I think the most exciting part in prepping for this holiday is the "Book of Family Traditions" that I've begun to create for my relatively new family.

Thank you.

(I also tweeted this giveaway)

kristina said...

I'm not Jewish, so I'm not officially entering. But I just wanted to say that I think the basket is so pretty and I enjoyed your whrrl story.

Stimey said...

I don't celebrate Chanukah, so I'm not entering, but I do have some stuff to share. My kids LOVE dreidels and I love the dreidel song. I sing it all year. Sometimes I substitute my dog's nickname (Doodle) for dreidel. And it amuses me immensely.

(My family is not of any religious background, but y'all totally have better holiday songs than the Christians. O Christmas Tree? C'mon.)

Susie said...

My extended family Chanukah tradition is getting together for a Chanukah party but never actually ON Chanukah (we're too busy!). We often do this at my house because, as it's a lowly holiday, my Orthodox sister and her family can actually celebrate it at my house (especially since it's not actually on the holiday!). My parents bring a gazillion presents for their three daughters, two sons-in-law, nine grandchildren, and two granddogs. Everyone tears into their presents like crazy so that no one can actually see what anyone else got. I chase around after everyone with a big garbage bag for all the wrapping paper. My kids end up with a ton of stuff to cram into our already overflowing play room. (Bah, humbug!) ... Come on! Pick me! : )

Momfluential said...

I'm thrilled to see a holiday basket that is not red and green. Not that there is anything wrong with that... I just agree - "holiday" does not always = Christmas.

Our tradition is giant lawn menorahs. The bigger the better. Sadly this yr we lack the funds to outdo ourselves but I am sure the tradition will live on, and next yr will boast the tackiest, giantest menorah evah! Go big or go home. Wasn't that the maccabee call?

Marketing Mommy said...

My mother started a tradition of serving lentil soup (which we kiddos called "brown soup") with latkes every Chanukah.

We've added a tradition of our own--letting our toddler/preschoolers light a wooden menorah that stands alongside the real one.

Laura at Chambanamoms said...

My favorite Chanukah tradition is making sugar cookies with my mom. We cut them into shapes such as stars of Davids, dreidels, or Judah Macabee. I've shared that tradition with my own daughter now. I also tweeted this! Laura (at) chambanamoms (dot) com

2KoP said...

Ooh, baby. Yum! Well, each Hanukkah we make a real effort to burn our house down by lighting six menorahs. It's not so bad on the first night, but by the last couple of nights, Smokey the Bear is having heart palpitations. It's a true festival of lights, and I love it.

This year, we have been invited to a new friend's annual Latke Fest for the first time. Should be fun for everyone, although I'm allergic to potatoes. Maybe I'll make some sweet potato or squash latkes and bring them along.

Happy Hanukkah to you and yours. And pick me.

Naomi said...

This is kind of a confession... since my parents divorced when I was 10 and gave me the option of quitting Hebrew school and Japanese class, I can only remember the first prayer. So, uh, I say the same one over and over as I light the menorah for my Christmas-loving kids every night. (Who can compete with the Santa train and gingerbread houses?!) And also, I call it Hanukkah.

And that basket is super duper swanky but needs a little gelt in there for the kiddos...

Anonymous said...

Check out Lemony Snicket's new "Holiday" book, The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming" It must be read with great animation, but Bella and I laughed our tuchases off!

Gimme the candy baby!

Bookgroup Rachel

AnnRPerk said...

Thanks for offering this basket, Kim. My favorite new Hanukkah tradition is reading The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming, by Lemony Snickett with our son after we've lit the first Hanukkah candles.
Happy Hanukkah!
Ann from B'Nai Mitzvah class

Stephanie said...

Hooray for some Hanukkah love on blog giveaways! Our tradition is to host a big open house Latke party. I start frying latkes weeks in advance then freeze 'em, because we usually need 125-150 latkes (or even more some years). People come throughout the afternoon to schmooze and nosh, and if we rememeber (amidst the wine and the food) we also light the menorah together. :-)

@stephanies - also RTed!

Dani L said...

Well my friend since you officially "tweeted" me to make sure I knew about the give away - here are some of our favorite traditions.

1. Of course, our annual Latke Fest - what started as a small gathering with 5 pounds of latkes (handmade by me with a secret family recipe of course) - has extended to a large party with my hubby's annual "count" of pounds of potatoes, pounds of onions and number of eggs used to produce many latkes. We also serve sofganiyot, homemade applesauce and assorted other treats. People have been known to fly in for my latkes.

2. Reading all the Hanukkah stories. Right now our favorites are "Sammy the Spider's First Hanukkah" and "Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins"

3. Driedel. Yup. Teaching new kids driedel, practicing driedel, betting on driedels, using jelly beans, gelt, whatever for driedel.

4. Trying to decide the best way to spell Hanukkah. Or is it Chanukah? Or Chanukkah?

5. Explaining to my non-Jewish friends again and again just how minor a holiday Hanukkah is. Trying to get them to say the all important "Ch" sound. And yes, we do give presents, and that is great - but no - it is not all that religious and I won't be taking off work to celebrate it.

Have fun! And Happy Hanukkah!!


Anonymous said...

Yay for Hanukah! Another book-grouper who clicked. Beth Morgan

Jon B said...

First of all, my wife LOVES chocolate, so winning would score me huge points and create a truly positive Chanukah memory.

My favorite Chanukah moment/memory is right after we've lit the candles. The house is quiet, the lights are reflecting in the window, and between the singing and the eating there's the moment of collective awe that never ceases to amaze me. It's quiet, it's warm, we feel together and bonded not just to just to one another but to something bigger. We feel collectively "in the zone".

That's my favorite part. And the food and family doesn't hurt either. :? )

You can reach me on my blog (linked in my profile, at jon (underscore) burg (at) yahoo (dot) com or on twitter at @jonburg

Happy Chanukah!

Danielle said...

My husband makes latkes by hand, almost quite literally, one night of Hannukah each year. He grates the potatoes and often shreds his knuckles. He used to grate the potatoes for latkes at Betty's Diner in Berkeley, CA so you'd think he'd be better about not grating his knuckles by now! Anyway, they're delicious but frying them makes the kitchen all smokey and the house smell like potatoes so he only does it once a year but I'd love it if he made them every night because they're so good!

sandys /B'nai Mitzvah class said...

Right after we light the candles we get in a circle and dance around while we sing "Oh Chanukah, Oh Chanukah". We have been doing this since the kids were very young and we could lift them up as we spun around...now at 11 and 15 there is no lifting but we still DANCE with the shades open and the candles blazing in the window...I always hope someone is passing by and we make them smile (and laugh)

Selfish Mom said...

Since I'm not Jewish I only have one Chanukah tradition: we go to our friends Kris & Sarah's house and they deep-fry anything that isn't moving and/or too big to fit in the fryer.


Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

We're not Jewish, but my daughter's fave song off the Barenaked Ladies holiday album is the Hannukah song. My girlfriend taught my daughter how to play the dreidal. It's so cute to see them play.

Melissa Chapman said...

We are OLD school Chanukah, grating up the potatoes and frying them up in a pan- lighting up menorahs that have been passed down for generations and have years and years of candle wax stuck to them and then we sing a big ole rendition of Maozur and hanerot hallalu.. LOVE LOVE LOVE this giveaway!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a basket full of Chanukah goodies!

RL Julia said...

My favorite Hanukkah traditions:

1. Hanging up the completely random and pretty lame decorations which includes THE HANUKKAH BAT (surrounded by two stars of David to make it legit) that my daughter made in pre-school and the inter-faith star of David my son made (also in pre-school) - one half of the star is red and green and one half of the star is blue and white.

2. The giving of socks, underwear, mittens and other such stuff that you would probably get anyway but since its Hanukkah its a present. This is based on my mom's experience of getting one sock (as in half of a pair each night when she was a kid). I actually skipped doing this one year and received a lot of complaints.

3. The giving and eating of chocolate oranges.

4. Going through all the charity requests on the last night and talking with the kids about what they want to donate to.

5. Eating latkes - although I am not so good at making them and I don't always appreciate that my house, clothes etc... end up smelling like we live in a deep fryer.

That basket sure does look tasty.... I'd even share it with Susie!


JewishBride said...

Hands down - making potato latkes! It's a family tradition :D

ed said...

My favorite tradition is shared, it seems, by many. The over-warm kitchen with my parents... Daddy making latkes "his way", Momma with another pan going making them "the right way"... Daddy sharing his coffee with me since I was a little girl - more sugar and milk than coffee. First we'd have a plateful with applesauce, next a plateful with sour cream. I miss it... my folks have passed (daddy in '07, momma in Feb. of this year) - I should do this for my own kids... hmmmm...

Tech Savvy Mama said...

I'm not entering but I just had to stop by to say that I loved your Whrrl story on your visit to 1800Baskets! It looks like you had a great time!

jodifur said...

We always have a huge Hanukkah party at my parents house. Latkes, dreidels, gelt, and tons of presents.

Lucky, it is the 18th this year and this basket would be perfect!

teridr said...

I love going into my kids' classrooms and talking about Hannukkah. I also love lighting the candles and watching the little ones' eyes shine!

Jennifer/Connectwithyourteens said...

The basket looks great. Because we don't have a Christmas tree, and we get 8 presents each for the 8 days of Chanukah, we have always made separate piles of presents for each one of us in front of the fireplace. Then each night, we all get to pick on present from the pile. My kids would love to look the piles and try to guess what their presents were.

Anonymous said...

Our best chanukah tradition is going to "the chanukah store" with the kids, and picking out decorations, goodies, and gifts for chanukah later.

(Please enter me in the drawing for the basket. you could reach me at preventspaam[aht]hotmail[you know the rest].

-- Beth (From JRC choir).

melanie said...

we are not jewish but the kids and i love to play the dreidel game (and sing the song, like stimey).

DarryleP said...

Hi Kim,
Had to comment though maybe I would cluttercast the gift basket. LOL.

Our major Hanukkah tradition involves latkes, but not only in our house. I always made them at my children's schools also---which is not fascinating only when u realize one child was in Episcopal school and one in Catholic school. That was the main way their friends learned what it means to be Jewish.
One Hanukkah tradition now involves one kid Daniel knew at All Saints, who loved the latkes so much , that he has joined our family every single year since he and my son left middle school. They are now 21--and for sure Christian (perfect name, too) will join us for latkes when he comes home from college. One year he was so eager for latkes he came a night early.
Have to add Hanukkah would not be the same without Adam Sandler and his Hanukkah songs.
Happy Hanukkah!!

Peggy said...

I would love to win. My son-in law is Jewish and it would be wonderful to be able to surprise him with this beautiful basket. My daughter and future SIL are celebrating the first year and Sarah received her first menorah .She was explaining it to me yesterday,she was so happy to be lighting the menorah
Happy Chanukah!!

Peggy said...


stephanie said...

What a beautiful basket! Our family makes a huge plate of latkes which we fry up as a family. My teenage children also still love getting a present every night and our best night is "book present night".

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

My parents didn't make holidays special but my partner family is BIG on holidays especially Chanukah so it gets done big every year.

The whole deal, latkes and all. It would be nice for one year to out Chanukah them!


Gwendolen Gross said...

we got to Philly or NY to see cousins we hardly ever see--it's great fun, and weird to see the kids playing with their cousins; the toys are different, but the interactions much the same...
Happy Chanukah!