Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Geeking out with Underwriters Labs

I'm reading: Geeking out with Underwriters LabsTweet this!

Bloggers are urged to be authentic online, right? That's why I turn down offers of freebie review items like $200 jeans, but gleefully accept things like an Underwriters Labs Fire Safety movie featuring the Lion King's Pumbaa and Timon. I'm a geek.

I get excited about UL and Consumer's Union and the like. What can I say?

Underwriters Labs sent me a free review copy of their educational fire safety video. I grabbed my nieces and nephews and gathered them round the TV to watch over Thanksgiving Break. The movie is a far cry from the kind of educational filmstrips (filmstrips!) I was made to watch as a child. It's edutainment at its best.

Even though four out of the five children in my audience were over the prime recommended K-3 viewing age, they all laughed in the right places and learned a lesson or two.

Because it's animated, it's easily dubbed over in many languages. In fact, the DVD they sent me can be viewed in 16 different languages including Danish, Hindi and Kannada. Because this DVD makes fire safety information so accessible (and fun) to so many, I'm going to donate my copy to a local ELL (English Language Learners) co-op set up by the area schools in the hope that other families can benefit from it.

Now, I'm hoping Santa brings me the Bill Nye Smart Science: Electricity DVD that's part of the Safety Smart DVD Series. What can I say? I'm a geek. Also one of my boys stuck tweezers into a electric outlet just a year or two ago when he was old enough to know better, so I'd like that budding scientist to watch the video a time or two.

Take a peek below at a UL-hosted blogger meet-up. PR pro Trish Taylor took special care to find a Chanuka light for my boys (no the little guy is not my son) at the event, which I greatly appreciated. Was the light UL listed? See for yourself.

Also, UL is tweeting @safetyathome, and huzzah, they've hired bloggers, fabulous ones at that, the Rookie Moms, to create content for the Safety at Home site.

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Susan RoAne said...

Read your DM to Rob. Thanks for buying one of my books. He was in a talk I gave in Chgoland yesterday: Networking FAce To Face in a Digital World.
Terrific blog. Would have sent a DM but you were blocked.
Much continued success.
Susan RoAne