Sunday, January 24, 2010

I resolve not to make resolutions in 2010

I'm reading: I resolve not to make resolutions in 2010Tweet this!

This month, my friends on the Yahoo Motherboard are talking resolutions: do we make them, do we keep them? That kind of thing. Ggenerally speaking, I'm not big on resolutions and this year is no exception.

Looking ahead, I see a stressful year on the personal front. I can easily see my resolve crumbling as the year goes on. That said, I'm committed to exercising, as much for sanity as for fitness, but that commitment feels different from a resolution, not so much an I promise or I will try to, but I must.

I guess if I want to ensure success, I could create a list of resolutions that are easy to follow:

  • I will show up 5 minutes late to family functions.
  • I will keep my car, my bedroom and my house full of clutter.
  • I will misplace my keys at least six times and my phone four.
  • I will yell at my boys, but I will hug them more.
I could come up with more challenging resolutions and follow the helpful suggestions from this Yahoo Shine article. But really, I'm just going to hang low and see what the year brings.

My involvement in the Yahoo!Motherboard is voluntary and unpaid. It sounds like there are exciting things ahead for this group, including the chance for other mombloggers to join in. I'll keep you posted.


2KoP said...

Hi, Kim. I haven't stopped by HCD in a while. I like your new look! I have vowed not to let Twitter hamper my productivity, despite your dire predictions. Oh, oh, that sounds suspiciously like a resolution, and I also vowed to be Irresolute this year, although I have so far kept my promise to myself to do 10 minutes of free writing every day.

I do like your list of resolutions. I may need to borrow a few. I like to set attainable goals.

In terms of social media, remember, you are my role model, so do not judge.

Karen Hartzell, Graco said...

I love your resolutions! I think they keep the positivity flowing! lol I plan to now create a few of my own.

PS...esp love the hug more. We know we aren't perfect and can't promise to never yell, but we can promise to hug more.

Donna said...

Now *THOSE* are resolutions I can get behind! I'm going to resolve those things, too!