Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ready, Set, Show!

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Check out my latest posts over at the Roost blog as I share my best tips for decrapifying a house. In a follow-up piece, I share tips from blogger extraordinaire Vanessa Druckman of Chef Druck Musings on keeping the house show-ready when you have kids underfoot.

Thankfully, we are not in that position. I can't keep my house clean for more than about a day at a time. I can't imagine the pressure of always having it ready to show with just a few minute's notice.

At any rate, things are about to get interesting with the house sale, so stay tuned.


Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom said...

Heading over to read. We are readying ours to put on the market March 1. We have a 2yo & 5yo. We've been packing, donating, consigning. Luckily the 5yo is looking forward to (hopefully) moving and has been throwing a lot in the donate pile.

Missy said...

Good tips and I just posted this morning that February is "de-crapify" month here. I called it declutter, but I like your name better.

Shari said...

I spent a good amount of time between Christmas and NYE doing this. My husband was on PTO, so he kept the girls busy. We try to keep the "one thing in one thing out" rule going for all of us. It's amazing how much stuff shows up when you're not looking.