Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Dark Side of Blissdom

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I'm having a great time checking out new blogs after Blissdom and, well, frankly, going through the post-Blissdom post is kinda like on big virtual hug. I came across these posts that are notable and thoughtful, just not as warm and fuzzy.

Malia over at Just Malia realizes that after a trip to Nashville, she's got a a new journey ahead of her.

Cecily at Uppercase Woman becomes an honorary lesbian and questions the nature of God (not to mention the Tea Party folks).

Both are worth a read, though admittedly I opted out of reading the bazillion comments on Cecily's post.

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Missy said...

Hi - I've enjoyed reading about Blissdom through your posts. Makes me wish I could have been there. I also want to apologize for sending you the longest email EVER right before you were to attend it. I would have waited if I'd known. When things slow down a little for you, maybe we can catch up regarding my questions? Thanks so much.