Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Get Your Geek On in 2010: Pi Day

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It's almost Pi Day (3/14) and it's time to par-tay!

When my boys attended the private school school gifted children, Pi Day was da bomb, truly a cause for celebration. Alas, at public school it's just another excuse for shoving the nerds in their lockers.

No matter, this year Pi Day falls on a weekend. I asked my Twitter peeps for celebration tips and here's what they told me.

Amy from Selfish Mom suggests making a pie and having your family calculate the circumference (for those who have been out of school for too long, it's Pi x Diameter).

Luann from Training For Fun knows how to get her geek on; she is a rocket scientist! She suggests a contest to see who has the most digits of Pi memorized. (Or maybe she was issuing me a personal challenge?)

ThinkGeek says break out the Einstein wigs! Which, oddly they don't sell. They do have other totally cool Pi Day items; click for deets.

Christine from Boston Mamas thinks maybe Pi cookies are the way to go.

And Rachel from Hounds in the Kitchen is, not surprisingly, rockin' it old skool and is going full throttle not just posting a pie recipe, but hosting a Pi Day blog carnival, so others can share their celebratory recipes, too.


Tammy said...

Kim, this is Tammy (@ParkerMama) on Twitter. I wanted to stop by and let you know I signed up for MomImpact! (yea!) Thanks for all of your hard work!

Tammy and Parker
@ParkerMama on Twitter

Boston Mamas said...

That is geektastic! (In a good way)

I forgot to tell you that one year a friend of mine went as Pi for Halloween. She had a white t shirt and long johns and wrote the number (before rounding 3.13......) around and around using a sharpie.

SelfishMom said...

I have to admit, I'd never heard of Pi Day before you clued me in. And I was fairly geeky in school, on the math team and all that. But hey, any excuse to make pie. Or talk about math.

Still though, it's not really a holiday unless Hallmark has a card. Some of the ecard sites have them, but that doesn't count. It has to be an old-skool paper card!

Beth Clifford said...

Went to a great "Pi Day" party last year, where everyone brought (and ate) - you guessed it - pie. Savory, sweet, yummy, yummy. I made a Jamaican "Pi"napple pi.

Apparently MIT lets students know re: acceptances on Pi Day. If you don't get why they're letting folks know on 3.14, I guess you don't deserve to go there!

Hope all is well Kim!

ChefDruck said...

Any excuse to make a pie is a good one for me. I'm thinking chocolate silk...

Jeanne said...

We are going to enjoy pie for dessert tonight. Ho Hum. But I have to wonder why our local mega-grocer (Kroger) doesn't get on the Pi bandwagon and use it as a promo to sell more Pi. I mean, any excuse to eat Pi, right?

Rachel said...

Thanks for the shoutout! My Pi Day Pies post is up with a Mr. Linky for anyone who wants to add their recipes or fun activities with pie.

kristina.sauerwein said...

How did I ever miss Pi Day? Last year I blogged on it; this year it escaped my mind.