Monday, March 29, 2010

SYS: Save Your Stuff

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The other day, I set about to update some links in my About Kim section only to find that many of my old Chicago Parent pieces are no longer available on line.


I guess it's a good thing I saved those old hard copies, which are likely now yellow and brittle with age. I mean, we're talking articles from back in 2006!

Newbie and aspiring writers, take note; do not underestimate the value of a screenshot. Take shots of your articles, guests posts and anything else you want to keep around. How do you take a screenshot? Let me help you.


Ashley Waldvogel Gaddy said...

I just found the same problem with a post I did for Green Hour some time back. So frustrating. The screen shot is a great idea - thank you!

Daisy said...

Good advice. I recently downloaded a batch of relevent posts from MidCentury Modern Moms. Hubs and I are considering submitting a book proposal about raising/ educating a blind child with autism; those posts show our reactions to many key moments.