Friday, April 23, 2010

Be Out There Challenge Day 5: Hit the Snooze Alarm

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Yesterday, this little badge mocked me. Thursday is the true challenge day.

On a typical Thursday, Number One Son leaves for school at 7:15 for band practice before school. After school, both boys have about 10 minutes to catch their breath and grab a snack before Hebrew school. They return around 6:30, but by then I'm at my adult bat mitzvah class (only one month until the big day!) and I'm never really sure what happens in my absence.
The situation was further complicated yesterday because the older guy was to get picked up at 7:00 for a band field trip. His carpool ran a few minutes late, so standing on our stoop together in the brisk morning flanked by our lovely blooming lilacs was pretty much it for our outdoor time.

To make matters worse, on the way home from the fieldtrip one of the buses hit a cab (or a cab hit a bus, depending on who tells the story), so he didn't even make it back in time for Hebrew school. And given that his grandma was in charge while I drove the Hebrew school carpool, it's safe to assume that he spent his bonus free time in front of a TV or computer screen.

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