Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Be Out There Family Challenge: Coming Soon!

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This was supposed to be my week to participate in a Be Out There Challenge with my family, but:

*Last night I was out late at the Chicago Moms Blog event
*Thursdays we never make it outside because of going straight from regular school to Hebrew School and when they get out, I'm in class
*Friday one of my boys has a party after school until 9:00 (!)
*Saturday I'm leaving on a MomImpact trip to Galena bright and early and will be gone through Sunday.

This is a recipe for failure.

I'm fortunate that we have a nice yard and nearby parks with playgrounds, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, and, in some cases, tennis courts. We've even got bike trails and bridle paths running along a stretch of woods just a short drive away, but I dare say it's the busy-ness of life that will keep us from enjoying those things.

And don't get me started seasonal allergies. Both of my boys are on steroidal sprays in an attempt to control the mess left behind by the pollen floating around us. I've nicknamed my nine-year-old's eyes Itchy and Scratchy.

That said, I'm sooo glad the weather has turned and outside play is an option again.

You don't have to be a National Wildlife Foundation Founding Mother* to play along in Be Out There Challenge.

In fact, MomImpact members who play along and post on their blogs, then stop back here to share the link to their challenge or just even a great idea for a family-oriented outdoor activity (again, please share a specific link to that activity as you blogged it) will be entered to win a year's subscription to the NWF kids' magazine of their choice.

Enter today through April 23.

(Drew, you can enter, too.)

*I participate in this program without compensation (okay, I received a vintage Range Rick t-shirt and a few magazines, but I'm not in it for that).


Drew @ Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

Well gosh, I guess I have to do it now, don't I? Wait ... have you looked outside today? I mean outside my window? No, of course you haven't. 43 degrees and raining, we ain't doin' nothin' outside today.

Maybe next week. And I'll post a link.

Elizabeth @ TexasEbeth said...

My son & I have started Geocaching. It's sorta like letterboxing or orienteering but uses GPS. My son calls it treasure hunting. I blogged about it a few weeks ago.


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

That's the great thing about the outdoors...it's always there, ready and waiting for you...looking forward to reading about adventures!

Rachel said...

Can't wait to "Read all about it"
(said like an old time Newsie)


Amy- YodelingMamas said...

It certainly is hard to do it all, but sounds like you're "out there" doing all kinds of great stuff for your family. Enjoy the spring and everything it brings (except, of course, allergies...*sneeze*)!

Shari said...

We dropped out of several winter activities just to give the girls more time to play in the backyard. We're big on being outside whether it's in the backyard or on the hiking trails. It's always good to be out there.

Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen) said...

I love spring because I feel like I spend every day all day outside. I tend the garden, walk the dogs, play at the park, etc. I'll make it real by actually tracking things this week and see if I do spend time outside every day.