Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dinner at Moto with Mom

I'm reading: Dinner at Moto with MomTweet this!

Homaru Cantu, chef de postmodern cuisine at Chicago's Moto restaurant and star of Planet Green's exciting new hit, Future Food, was so pleased with the MomImpact Future Food/Flavor Tripping Twitter Party, that he invited me a guest to his restaurant as a thank-you.

A wrestling match ensued after I announced this to my family. Our 12 year-old son pinned DH, but ultimately grandma (my mom) won the coveted spot as my dinner guest. Once nearly afraid to leave her house, she is now a world traveler who has enjoyed many fine meals, but none so fascinating as our ten course meal at Moto.

Yes, ten courses!

From the menu...the edible menu

"Don't worry, the courses are small," I assured her. But nearly 2.5 hours, 10 tiny magical courses and many glasses of wine (plus a smoked beer) later, we rolled ourselves away from the table.


Moto offers 10s and 20s (a 20 course meal, which I'm thinking comes with a pillow and cot, so you can sleep the meal and drinks off and then hit the pavement the next morning in your rumpled clothes in a foodie version of a walk of shame).

The 10s runs $135 per person plus pairings, which may sound outrageous at first, but Moto is no corner diner. They provide fine and fantastical dining. Think about what you might spend on a special night out for dinner and along with theater tickets, because a dinner at Moto is a type of dinner theater and it's more uplifting and inspiring than, say, a Beckett play.

Read more about our meal (meal? that hardly describes it, it was an event!) over at Scrambled CAKE.

Here's a teaser. No, that ain't my mama's smoke, it's a might tasty Cuban Sandwich, artfully prepared and served.


Melisa with one S said...

So cool. Just saw his part of the "Fast Forward" exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, and was very intrigued, as was my younger "chef wannabe" son. Freaky cool!

Condo Blues said...

That is SO COOL. I'm a little jealous too :)