Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Backyard Campout

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After a long, hot morning at the Farmer's Market and a sultry afternoon "Diving for Dollars" at the local pool (which was more like diving for pennies) on Saturday, we rested, had a quick dinner at home, set up our tent (almost effortlessly) and returned to the pool for an evening swim.

We never did get around to the flashlight poker game....

By the time Thing Two and I got into to the tent for our big night out he was, by his own admission, exhausted. But that didn't stop him from asking me to bring my iTouch into the tent. "The battery is low," I told him.

"We can bring the iGo charger, so it doesn't run out," he retorted. Damn smart kid. Actually, we had a record two tornado drills at home last week. Along with shuffling my two boys down to the basement to safely wait out the potential twisters, I've grabbed my third child, AKA my laptop, the iTouch and my cell phone. It's nice to know I can keep things going with my mobile charger (I received it at the SVMoms event a while back; I will eventually write a post about it and hold a giveaway; it's a pretty handy to have around!)My sleeping bag is older than I am, but I've always taken its message to heart.

So the iTouch came into the tent, but we only listened to music; no games. Our evening was pleasant, if a bit stuffy by morning. There's a street lamp right next to our yard, so it didn't even get really dark in out tent, which I found disappointing.

Eventually, the humidity woke us around 6:30 in the morning, prompting us (read: me) to pack up the tent by 7:00, in plenty of the time for the wicked storm that passed through hours later.

One unexpected surprise from our campout was my son finding a sizable wasp nest in our yard. The nest is right next to our raspberry patch; I can't believe we missed it. Clearly, whenever we've been picking them in the last week or so, we were so focused on our task that we didn't look around.

Sadly, this means our adventure didn't end of a very "green" note, because last night, I grabbed a can of completely poisonous, highly toxic wasp spray and hopefully did them little guys (gals?) in. We simply cannot co-exist in our backyard.We he was adventurous preschooler, I chided my son for stomping on bugs on the sidewalk. "The outside is their home," I'd explain. When he saw me kill and ant (or five) during their annual spring invasion into our kitchen, he questioned my actions. "Ah, but this is our home," I'd say.

Sorry wasps! I know your keen sense of smell makes you an asset in many cases. In fact, I'd happily keep you and train you to replace drug sniffing dogs if I had the facilities, but I don't. You'll have to find a new home, preferably several blocks away.

Note: edited to add photos.


Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom said...

We have wasp spray that is made from mint and it is not toxic and kills the damn things as good as any poisonous stuff.

I'm really freaked out about using chemicals in our backyard around my little ones and we bought and tried it on a whim.

Kim Moldofsky said...

Great to know. I will look for that in the future. I used what was sitting around. The berries are mostly harvested by now. I can't believe we missed this huge thing!

Robyn said...

My mom just bought my son his first tent. I imagine that he'll be camping out this summer in the backyard with dad (mom doesn't do camping).

Liz said...

We have a similar paper wasp nest just outside our porch door. My kids want me to blog about it and I want to get rid of it. Good to know about the non-toxic wasp spray.

HA-just noticed that my word verification for this post is brests.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Oh God. WASPS are HORRID. They must be eradicated. God made a boo boo there.

Shari said...

Our girls want to camp outside, but not in our neighborhood. I'm not interested in meeting the local coyotes up close. It's enough to see them through the glass windows. Maybe I'll set-up the tent in the living room?

Table4Five said...

My boys would love to do a backyard campout, but I am such a baby about bugs! I hate them swarming around me and getting in my face. ugh.

Are you coming to BlogHer? I hope we see each other!