Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dyson Air Multiplier: A Cool Fan

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Just after I returned from DC last spring, I toured the Dyson facility with a group of bloggers. Though I left their facility with a new appreciation for the brand, I have to admit their prices still stop me in my tracks. Retailing for about $300, Dyson's new Air Multiplier Fan is no exception when it comes to price, but it is an exceptionally cool product.

This futuristic-looking fan has no visible blades. Wild! It's an immediate attention getter that draws people in like a super magnet. If you're a fan of clean, modern design, start saving your money.

How does it work? Magic, of course. How else could a fan work without big blades swooshing the air around? No, wait. The Dyson site explains it all.

The fan produces a cooling breeze from a stationary position or while oscillating. It can also be titled up or down to aim the air current at a desired spot and the strength of the breeze can be adjusted enough to clear your desk. And look, Ma, no dangerous blades!

Seriously, can you fan do this? (The fan is running during this video, but it's near impossible to tell because of lack of visible blades.)


Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

pretty cool concept. I really want one of their vacuums but the price is beyond my means right now.

Melissa said...

We saw one of those on display at one of the electronics stores (Best Buy, maybe?). It's very cool, but I'm with you on the price. I can't justify spending so much on a fan.

Meowmie said...

Terribly tempted with the hot summers here, but the price OMG you've gotta be kidding!!!