Saturday, August 21, 2010

Proof that I'm doing it all wrong

I'm reading: Proof that I'm doing it all wrongTweet this!

The other day I announced that MomImpact is giving away a scholarship package to the Type-A Mom Conference.

so I don't need the pass I purchased and rather than get a refund, I thought I'd pass it along to a MomImpact member.

I know that to really get a bang for my buck, I'd open this up to all interested bloggers, I'd make them link back to me in their entry posts and tweet their entries and Like MomImpact on Facebook (woot- finally go that vanity url). To make a splash, I'd require potential recipients to jump through any number of hoops that promote MomImpact along the way.

But I didn't.

Passing on my pass is a way to build community, it's a way to support a MomImpact member that has supported me even before she knew I could save her a few hundred bucks on a conference pass.

I really just want to help a member who otherwise might have not made it to the conference. I want to read about why she wants to go and how she will make an impact at the conference and with her blog. I want to hear her thoughts more than I want to use her to support my brand.

And though I'd certainly like the women who enter to mention or link back to MomImpact in their posts, it didn't feel right to require it.

So I'm excited to help a blog sistah out, but I can't help wonder if this make me a #PRFail.


Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom said...

How wonderful Kim!

I don't think it's a PR fail at all. Those who promote others instead of themselves receive it back twofold.

(And I'm always leery to enter a contest where people get 500 entries for jumping through lots of hoops. I think the simple ones are much better.)


ilinap said...

PR WIN! You are showing your authenticity, which is where it's at. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!