Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Caption Contest

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As I was loading a group photo from the recent Kenmore Blogger Summit onto MomImpact (they are a client. And, yes, the summit was fabulous.) I noticed this in the background. Needless to say, I posted a different photo on MomImpact, but I had to post this snippet here.

While the lovely Heather Spohr innocently smiles for the camera, behind her back Redneck Mommy and NYCityMama are, well, what the hell is going on there?

This just begging for a caption, don't you think?
Leave your suggested caption below and the one that makes me snort my drink through my nose will win a Dunkin Donuts gift card that I have sitting on my bookshelf (it's loaded with $5 or $10 dollars I think; don't know if it's good in Canada, though).

Comments posted prior to noon August 25 at noon CT will be eligible for the gift card, and those that are deemed obscene or unfit for the general public will not be posted.

And yes, I got permission from Tanis and Carol before posting this photo.

So, what did Tanis tell Carol to cause that reaction?!


Jane said...

Tanis: Yes, my beaver is still blue. But I'm thinking of going with an ROYGBV motif next time, so darling hubs can say he "tasted the rainbow".

Adventures In Babywearing said...
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Backpacking Dad said...

"Don't tell my husband, but I've got a guy coming over to "bomb the beaver dam" if you know what I mean."

drlori71 said...

Guess what? I've got Justin Bieber in my suitcase and I'm smuggling him back to Canada!

Gina said...

"Did you just toot?"

"Yeah, it was a good one too, huh?"

Adrienne said...

If I squeeze her right butt cheek she smiles, guess what happens when I squeeze the left!

Mr Lady said...

You don't have a DISHWASHER???

Condo Blues said...

Yes. Really. I AM wearing underwear!