Thursday, September 30, 2010

House Hunting: Mafia Wars and OMG

I'm reading: House Hunting: Mafia Wars and OMGTweet this!

Oh, the fun a searching for a new house. Here's a bit of what we've seen:

There was the Mafia House, a completely renovated tri-level with a new, gourmet open kitchen. The high-end European appliances included a built-in cappuccino maker. Built-in! We gave the house its nickname based on the security cameras planted near the front and rear entry doors. Also, the hand-written sign taped to the bathroom wall pointing out the hidden safe in the bathroom cabinet gave the impression that this was no ordinary house in our sleepy suburb.

And we can't forget the OMG You Must Be Kidding Me house featuring a claw foot bathtub. {swoons...until she sees the laminate flooring of her 1970s youth}.

The OMGYMBKM house also featured this little gem:

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. A toilet in a laundry room? A laundry room in bathroom? That's too much multi-tasking for me.

I'll post more updates as we continue to scour the market for just the right home for our family.


Jessica Dembo said...

HA HA HA! Those pictures are awesome! I remember looking at houses and we found one that renters were in and the whole house was full of trash...we didn't go in very far before I said FORGET IT. I was also pregnant at the time and super annoyed that anyone would think we would want a house full of trash.

Andrea said...

Hahaha! Love the toilet in the laundry room, better in there then in the middle of the yard, we actually saw a house once with a toilet in the yard;-)I left asap!

Drew @ How To Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

The laundry/bathroom isn't such a bad idea. My mother had polio as a child, so as she got older she couldn't do stairs carrying a load of clothes.

About 15 years ago my father took the shelves out of the linen closet in the bathroom, extended the plumbing over from the tub, and got one of the washer/dryer combos with the dryer on top. Stuffed it in the closet, and now Mom has laundry on the first floor, instead of in the basement.

Putting a curtain or sliding door in front would help a lot.

Marketing Mommy said...

Due to the price point we were home shopping at 6 years ago, we saw many truly frightening things. Among my favorites: A house were all the furniture was encased in plastic and plastic runners ran from room to room over the pink carpet. A house with 3 regular bedrooms plus a basement where 4 additional jail-house bedrooms had been carved out. The selling point of the house was that EVERY ROOM (including the bathrooms and garage) had been wired for cable. And yes, there were TVs blaring everywhere.

We also so a bunch of places where the bathrooms had been tiled all the way up the walls and across the ceiling.

I also found myself involuntarily walking away from houses where giant bleeding crucifixes hung over the master bedroom and Praise Jesus pillows festooned the chairs.

We ended up buying a house with filthy wall-to-wall, stained walls, horrid wallpaper and 2 chocolate brown toilets.

Kim Moldofsky said...

@Jessica I know the condition of some houses is stunning. We've seen fewer messy houses, though, than we have simply old (sometimes crumbling) and out of date places. You'd think people would clean up for a showing or open house, right?

@Andrea Don't they call that an outhouse?

@Drew I'm all for a laundry room that's not way down in the basement. As we've looked at houses we've discussed how we might be able to retrofit fit an upstairs or main level laundry, but like you have, have a curtain or closet door or something. As it was, the house was too small for us, anyway.

@marketingmommy We certainly take things like a paint job and new flooring as a likely given for the houses we're looking at, but still, sheesh. Stay tuned for more delights in the coming weeks!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh that is just hysterical - that toilet made my day! I mean I cant even explain why but the giggles I have to thank you for :)

Drew @ How To Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

@Marketing Mommy, those weren't jailhouse bedrooms. That was a home office.

Oh wait, if it was wired for cable ... does anyone still use token-ring networking?

Oh, and Kim, be careful with a second-floor laundry room. Lots of local zoning laws specify you need a floor drain and two or three inches of spill-proof surround, in case of leaks.

Kim Moldofsky said...

@Drew Snap, you are ON it. I don't even know what a token-ring network it.

We brought a contractor to one one that we liked and he explained the floor drain codes to us, noting that with today's washing machines, a spillover is unlikely and that it's much more likely (and gross) for a toilet or tub to overflow. That said, upstairs bathrooms are not required to have those same drains and least not in our community.

ChaosRu said...

Oh yes, I remember a house from my youth with the laundry and bathroom facilities in one! This is what you call saving money on running pipes throughout the house. Was the kitchen on the other side of the wall, too? I think there was a shortage of copper in the 1970's or something.

Love the claw foot tub, too.

Kim Moldofsky said...

@Chaos Oddly, this was an upstairs bathroom, though not up to code as @Drew mentioned.

mayberry said...

it's like an anti-treasure hunt! Where ... will the toilet be ... THIS TIME!?!

Alli Worthington said...

I totally had a bathtub like that as a kid!

Meowmie said...

All the best. This is like listening to a friend who is experiencing Lovely Listing herself!

Have to admit I can't look at photos on that site if I've eaten any time previously ... Eeeuwww!