Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If I'm going to hunt, I'd better learn to shoot

I'm reading: If I'm going to hunt, I'd better learn to shootTweet this!

Yep, I'm on the prowl. For a new house. And I keep forgetting to bring my camera because OMG people, you would not believe some of the stuff we've seen!

Although, to be fair, if you've done your share of shopping for 50- 80-year-old houses, or even any previously owned houses, you probably know what I mean.

I understand. When you own a house, you get used to its quirks and add to them with homespun repairs, like the tube socks that were stuffed in between storm windows to keep out harsh winter winds. Um, that was the house we purchased last time around, and we replaced all of the windows within the first year of ownership.

This time around, we saw some doozies like a bathroom that was so small you had to stand outside of the doorway just to pee.

Well, practically.

So on my next house-hunting excursion, I'm going to try a take a shot of anything that truly makes me go hmmmm. (A safe tucked away behind the bathroom cabinets?)

On a related note, Mayberry Mom
sent me a link to what might be my new obsession, Lovely Listing. I want to find something worthy of that site, the Cake Wrecks of the real estate scene, the FailBlog of housing.

Edited 9/14 to add: I finally remembered to take pictures on our most recent outing. These barrel chairs are quirky, but charming in their own 1970s way. You can rock back and forth on them. I kinda dig 'em.


mayberry said...

Those chairs ARE cool, in a piratey kind of way!

Shari said...

I remember when we looked for houses, I felt the same way. Sometimes I'd walk into a house and think, "You want me to buy this disgusting mess? At least take the dirty underwear off the kitchen counter."

Condo Blues said...

It funny because all of the real estate shows tell the sellers to update their house and not decorate with tube socks. Yet, most of my friends when we all bought houses in almost the same year had a house with a few dozies of decor.

When I was house shopping there were a few things that made me go hmmm... too.