Friday, September 24, 2010

Mamafestos and Manifestos

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Like 99% of my visitors, you've probably never bother to read the Mamafesto over on the right sidebar, so let me make it easy for you. Click here. And then send your sympathies to my husband.

I am swooning over this Family Manifesto over at AlphaMom. What a fabulous project for mom, dad and even the kids if they are mature enough. Love it!

As Isabel (AlphaMom) described the process of creating their manifesto, it reminded me the process my husband and I went through to create our ketubah (Jewish wedding “contract”). We obsessed over word choices to express the values and hopes we brought to our union. We not only wrote the text, but we had custom artwork done (with hidden pictures in a papercut deign a la Highlights magazine). I'll have to post a photo of it when it's unwrapped and on display once again (ahem) in our new home.

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