Friday, October 01, 2010

Events for Parents of Gifted Children in and around Chicago, Illinois

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The Illinois Association for Gifted Children (ooh, promising new website; take a look!) is hosting a few promising events in the coming months.

First, the knowledgeable Michele Kane, IAGC president, will be speaking next week in Barrington, Tuesday, October 5, on Living with Intensity: The Social Emotional Aspects of Parenting Gifted Children. (You may recall Dr. Kane graciously led a talk for parents of gifted children at my house last year.)

And then on November 6, IAGC will be hosting a Parent Academy at IMSA focusing on the unique academic, social and emotional needs of gifted students. Andy Mahoney will be the keynote speaker. However, it's a five-hour event with a load of engaging speakers and interesting topics.

I'm still waiting to be asked to present my workshop, "Advocating for Your Gifted Child: I Don't Know What I'm Doing, Either." *sigh*

Check your calendar now to be sure you can attend the IAGC annual convention on February 6-8, 2011 in Chicago.

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Rachel Boldman said...

I love that you're involved in this! Gifted kids don't get nearly enough support from the community.