Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Fairy Jobmother on Lifetime TV

I'm reading: The Fairy Jobmother on Lifetime TVTweet this!

I did a double-take when I saw an ad for The Fairy Jobmother on Lifetime TV. Duuuude! I used to own the domain (and a few variations thereof).

Don't you hate it when someone takes your ideas and actually does something with them? Though honestly, it's not so much that someone took my idea, it's just that she had the same one and managed to flesh it out and make it into a TV show.

So what was I doing with that domain, anyway?

Well, like many of my blogging peeps, at any given time, I own 5-10 domains that I keep around "just in case." (Yes, I own, I'm just scared to switch anything out for fear of losing archives, Google PR/Alexa/Technorati rank.)

Back in 2006, I started Navigating the On-ramp, a blog over at (I used to own, too.) I wrote a series of wry posts about returning to the workforce after many years at home caring for my boys.

For example, I mused on work-life balance after observing my boys' ant farm.

I shared tips on volunteering like a pro at school.

And thanks to my friend Angela Allyn, I even shared how a working mom can be a hostess with the mostess, er, make that a passable hostess.

Oh, my fabulous ideas!

I had a book proposal all sketched out, dozens of going-back-to work essays in draft form, I even held a focus group with a bunch on on-ramp moms....

It was only during last year's clean sweep of my file drawer (necessitated by our selling the mongo file cabinet along with our house) that I realized just how much material I had, how much work I had put into it.

But the AustinMama blog died out. And going back to work wasn't a topic that seemed to have much traction here, and in the end, I didn't even on-ramp in a very traditional way. I mean, back in 2006 who imagined I could work from home as a successful social media marketing consultant?

At any rate, I searched through the archives at AustinMama to find my Fairy Jobmother post. It's not there.

I even searched my hard drive. Nada.

I can't believe this; I know exactly how I defined her and why she's so important for on-ramp moms.

I've been toying with the idea of revisiting and re-purposing some of that old content, much of which never made it online, but I was waiting until we found a new home and I settled in to my lovely new home office.

However, I'm slowly realizing the likelihood of us being out of my parents' house before the end of the school year is increasingly small (the operating assumption being that we need to find a house, close in it 6 weeks later, and based on what we are seeing, have 2-3 months worth of renovations prior to move-in).

Should I dust this old stuff off? Perhaps my Fairy Jobmother will answer me tonight in my dreams.


Darryle said...

Your plate seems pretty full already. Still you sound like me; I don't even want to admit how many domains i own or ideas I developed that I never executed. And I get annoyed with myself when someone else does. Have been learning to let it go and concentrate on looking ahead. Hope your fairy jobmother comes through for you.

Linda said...

If the show takes off you'll have a story to tell for a while. If it doesn't then it's no sweat off your back! I now own about 50-60 url's. Can't keep track. I'm so full of good ideas that I don't have the time for. At least "I" think they are good. We'll see when someone else makes it big with them!

MizFit said...

and? what did the dreams say last night?

I CAN SOOO relate to this post :)


Betsy said...

I do so hate it when "someone takes your ideas and actually does something with them." And I fear it every day, more and more lately. Which means, it might be time for me to actually do something myself. But what? Good to hear from you....