Thursday, October 07, 2010

House Hunting: The Stairway of Doom

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Our search for the perfect, or at least a decent, home for our family continues with this gem, the house with the Stairway of Doom.

Can't you see a wobbly toddler or, frankly active boy of any age, tumbling over the side that barely has any guardrail? {shudders}

The Stairway of Doom house, a lovely, recently renovated Georgian, lacked a main floor powder room which would be problem if a family member broke a leg, a hip or had an arthritis flare (ahem) and couldn't manage the stairs.

Well, it could also be a problem when we have my husband's 90-something year-old grandma over to dinner, but possible work-arounds include making my sisters-in-law host family gatherings or sending elderly guests a pair of Depends or astronaut diapers to wear to the house.

Hmmmm. I guess our search for a house (or maybe great prices on astronaut diapers) will continue.


Rachel Boldman said...

I love this! I think everyone has similar experiences while house-hunting. There are a lot of ridiculous ones out there, for sure.

Drew @ How To Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

I've always wanted to have a "something" of Doom.

Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom said...

That scares the hell out of me!

Kim Moldofsky said...

@Rachel I feel like we're seeming them all!

@Drew Your comment nearly moved this house to #1 on my list, though admittedly,

as @Leighann points out, it is scary, potential neck-breaking. We'd sure put up a railing or something and then it would be renamed something like the Coolio Spiral Staircase, which is much lamer.

Today's feature is the Asbestos Basement of Doom AKA That 70s House and next week you'll get a peek at the Moldy House of Doom AKA the Moldy House.

Yesterday we saw a house with the dirtiest, most disgusting bathtub ever, but I it doesn't feel right to post or even take a pic of it. Plus, you need to wash your eyeballs after you see it. Yuck!

Meagan Francis said...

Oh my gosh, this reminds me of the house my aunt Paula lived in about 6 years had a spiral staircase like that, and at the time pretty much every one of us had toddlers. We called it the "Staircase of Death."

Cindy Fey said...

This says to me Not Up To Code which probably means Owner-Renovated which translates to Nightmares Behind the Walls, like crazy wiring and nightmare plumbing.