Monday, October 18, 2010

We're Done Looking for a House!

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Yes, we're done house hunting...but there's no celebration going on. Here's the deal: say there are 200 house for sale in my town. Of those, maybe 75 are in my school district. (We live in a land of ridiculously small school districts in which an entire district K-8 may serve fewer than 1000 students and cover only a portion of a town.)

Of the 75 homes on the market in our district, some are too near the train tracks, power lines or the expressway.

Some are townhouses or condos and we are looking for a single-family home.

Some are too small, some are too large...and expensive.

We toured about a dozen houses and of those, found a few potential candidates. But unlike Goldilocks, we never found one that was just right.

There was the Mafia House. (Sold! For $25K under listing price.)

And we can't forget the OMG, You Must Be Kidding Me House.

Then there was the lovely house with the Stairway of Doom.

The house of the tiny, disco-ready bathroom.

The haunted short sale.

The moldy foreclosure without a kitchen or bathrooms. (Update 10/25: the price dropped.)

My favorite was That 70s House. (Update 10/19: the price just came down!)

We bid on it. Of course, given the many problems we noticed even before bringing in a professional inspector, you understand why we didn't offer top dollar. However, the owner apparently feels that if her dishwasherless kitchen was good enough for her back in the day, it should be good enough for us. She must have felt the same way about the stained carpet, water bed, moldy shower and the cork wall.

In the end our Realtor had his comps (comparable sales), the owner's agent had her comps, and never the 'twain shall meet.

Damn you, MF!

(MF are the initials of the widow who owns the house; the woman who refused the only offer she's had since listing the house in June.)

We're Done Looking for a House

We've seen what's out there, now we'll sit back and keep our eyes open for something new. Interest rates aren't going anywhere soon and neither are we. As much as we'd love to move out of my parents' house, we're not in a rush.

Besides, each month we stay, we're saving money. Each month those houses sit on the market, especially the vacant ones, their worth decreases. Plus, history dictates that come spring, we'll have dozens of new houses to consider calling our own.

In the end patience wins.



Shari said...

Good for you! Too many people would just increase their offer to get the house. There is always another house waiting in the wings. You will find the right house for you. If she wants to wait for her price, let her.

Drew @ How To Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

At least you've made a decision (for now). Constantly searching for something you can't find really sucks. At some point it's better to just say, "Not now."

Jennifer said...

Eeeyuck, househunting is the worst. You've got my sympathies, Kim.

Carrie said...

Very sensible. Patience is soooo underused these days.

Justice Fergie said...

the perfect house for you guys is waiting just for you! your patience will payoff ;)

Daisy said...

At some point she may become desperate or realistic and take any offer to unload the house. By then I hope you've found something better!