Tuesday, November 16, 2010

House Hunting: In Bed with Nate Berkus, the 2nd episode of Property Sluts

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You know you want it. Yes, another episode of Property Sluts! Last time I did it in my car; this time I'm in bed with Nate Berkus.

I really benefited from Nate's experience, but DH lost interest after about five minutes.

The real house hunting is not fun, but I'm kinda into this vlog series. Channeling my shelter anxiety into a creative project means less whining for DH to put up with, not to mention fewer embarrassingly low bids that I insist our agent to present to the elderly widows of my community.

We all win!

And before I know it, it will be March and there will be a fresh crop of houses on the market priced to sell. Right? {smiles nervously}

Back to my video. I won't let our lack of a house stop me from making decorating plans, but I need help! What are some of your favorite resources?

And stay tuned for our post-Thanksgiving episode, Property Sluts Gets Hammered.

Missed Episode 1? Watch it here.


adrienne said...

Our home descriptor (which was surely stolen from some TV show) is "late American yard sale."

Ironically, I don't know that ANY of our furnishings are actually from yard sales. The majority of stuff is hand-me-downs from family and friends, and we've filled in with a few resale and new items across the years.

I'm not a decorator by nature, so it doesn't bother me that grandma's couch, auntie's chair, and our orange pleather wingbacks don't necessarily harmonize.

But even with my general design apathy there are a few deal-breakers: I spent the first day in this house ripping down all the Thomas Kincade "Painter of Light" wallpaper borders EVEN after I discovered that the previous residents had PAINTED around them. I still prefer mystery stripes in the paint to Mr. Kincade.

Susan Bearman said...

So fun, Kim. Wouldn't we all like to be in bed with Nate.

First rule in our family is you can't say no without a yes, meaning that if you veto something (beer can sculptures, for example), then you have to put forth an idea that your partner will then have the right to veto, too. That way, one person isn't doing all the work just to get slammed.

One of my favorite resources is the Benjamin Moore downloadable Color Picker (available for $10). You use real pictures of your room or exterior and try on different Benjamin Moore colors. It's a little tricky because your screen resolution may not provide an exact color representation, but it is great for figuring out color combinations and how to paint trim. This was an absolutely invaluable tool in picking colors for the exterior of our Victorian, which required a lot of trim choices. Good luck.

mayberry said...

OK, I loved the aside "without the chic." HA!!

I don't know if you have Cost Plus/World Market in your area, but I think it's a good source for curtains, accessories, and possibly even furniture (can't vouch for the quality of the latter, but I've seen good-looking stuff there).

kristina said...

Hi Kim, I love Property Sluts (and I love your T-shirt you're wearing in this vlog series). I'm all about decorating and stuff so I'll be following this closely!

Kim Moldofsky said...

@Susan - thanks, that sounds handy. I'm surprised they charge for it, though.

@Mayberry - I actually really like garage sales. Hard to control myself from picking through things at the recent hoarder house--sad that all that stuff will likely wind up in a dumpster and then a landfill--um, so you can see why I'm missing the "chic" part.

RL Julia said...

I too am a big fan of Benjimin Moore paint and their website. As the owner of a house whose style can be summarized as parental basement - thank goodness I like their taste(really pretty much all the furniture was theirs)I can offer the following decorating tips.

1. Paint can really make a room seem different.

2. Don't get positively EVERYTHING at IKEA (trust me, I've learned the hard way on this). Unless you dream of living the IKEA catalog - or seeing too much of your living room in other people's houses.

3. Inless you are really handy and love repairing things constantly, it is probably worth it to invest in a few pieces of non-IKEA produced and/or priced items. I think you get the best bang for your buck on dining room chairs and couches (both which are breathtakingly expensive, mind you - but a pain to fix).

4. Either go with a mish mosh style or pick one style/theme for the whole house and pretty much stick to it - but not too strictly.

and finally:
4. No one over 30 find futon anythings comfortable (unless they are avid campers, yogi masters or some combo).This includes papasan chairs.

Also, its really easy to make curtains, bedspreads etc...

MollyinMinn said...

Kim, I know this is a painful process. But I give you a ton of credit for making it so fun to watch along.

Jendi said...

These are fun vlogs! I'll be watching for more to watch. ;)

I'm not much help in the decorating department. Does toys-on-the-floor count as style? How about a train set? I dream of having a nicely decorated house too.
Good luck!