Monday, December 13, 2010

Property Sluts Episode 6: The Home Office Edition

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Winter's here and now that I've dragged out everybody's winter gear it's getting really crowded in my parents' house! In this new episode of Property Sluts you'll see that I'm getting creative about using all available space.

Watch for an update on some of the houses we've bid on, taking care to implement Sara's strategy. Also note the clever use of the antique mahogany table I got for a steal (ha) in Episode 5 of Property Sluts.

Finally, take a peek at that nifty Tassimo coffee maker. Rumor has it I'm getting one for review and an extra one for a giveaway soon.


Kristina said...

You are so witty! Don;'t give in to the cheapest bid just because you need to move out asap. Wait for awhile.

Hey I love working in my bathroom! Makes my creative juices run and I tend to work harder. Not to mention you need not airconditioning in there!

Sara (from Saving for Someday) said...

Thanks for mentioning my strategy. I think it's a sound one. In my 8 years as a realtor I can't tell you the number of times people have put in a bid that was immediately accepted then wishing they'd gone lower. You can always re-bid with a higher offer.

I've seen homes sell for 20% less than listing just because that's the offer my clients wanted. I had one go for 50% less b/c it was all cash and could close in 10 days.

Remember, it's not about finding the PERFECT house. It's about finding the perfect house FOR YOUR FAMILY.

Do you have a list of MUST HAVEs and DO NOT WANTs? These are the 2 things I ask from my clients. They're not long lists, usually 3-5 things that no matter how great the property is if it has/doesn't have these things then I don't even waste their time.

As for your home office, I find it quite attractive. However, in one of those homes think of all the work you could get done when the washer/dryer are in your home office too? Nothing like that professional sound of a washer off-balance or the buzzing of the dryer!

Katherine Lewis said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this post. The one saving grace I can see: your home office is immaculate! And I love the color of the walls.

We (meaning me) house hunted for about eight months before we found a place we could afford and liked. Ironically, it was also one of the first houses I looked at seven months earlier, but priced 20% higher and with an old furnace. (They replaced the furnace and roof and dropped the list price in the meantime.) I wish you the same luck we had!

mayberry said...

Oh boy Kim! Wish you could move up here--we have some beautiful, HUGE houses for sale on our street. And plenty of ducks and geese for the shootin'!

Jen said...

Oh, I just wanna cry. ;) This is going to be us veryvery soon. Shhh... ;)

Kim Moldofsky said...

I should clarify that I don't really have my office in the bathroom, though it was a convenient escape from the kids when they were younger. Okay and sometimes nowadays as well.

@Sara The issue for us, is that we've yet to fall in love with a place. Several houses we've seen have some of what we want, but no one house really hits the sweet spot. Hence the low bids. For the right price we'll compromise. It seems in a slow market with few buyers in our area, time is on our we wait for more houses to come on the market or current sellers to be more flexible....some of us are waiting quite impatiently, though.

@Katherine, I can see something similar happening to us. We placed a bid on a house in September (That 70s House mentioned in the video). It's still on the market and it's been sitting there vacant all this time.

@mayberrymom Oddly, my husband was just talking about taking the boys hunting.

@Jen You will be fine, your opening bids will just be a bit more reasonable than ours. :-)

Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

We offered $12K less than asking on the house we purchased this spring. The husband is actually a realtor. We met half way between and got it for $6K less than asking, FTW!

Ironically, it was the least expensive house we looked at. We kept increasing our price range trying to find what we needed, but the more expensive the house, the more work it seemed like it needed.

This house had exactly the type of layout we were looking for (kitchen, eating area, family room combined).

Don't give up! Our realtor told us we would find the house we were meant to have.