Monday, December 06, 2010

Property Sluts on Antiques in Episode 5

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This week on Property Sluts, my not ready for HGTV house hunting series, I'm going old skool, talking about antiques and showing off some of my faves, including my latest piece, which was a real steal. Literally.

This episode also features Meagan Francis dishing on some of her favorite antiques as we wander through Blue Door Antiques in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Remember, I'm giving away a Grand Rapids getaway through 12/14/10.

Do you have an old piece of furniture that has a great story?


melissa said...

i grew up going to antique stores all over the midwest and parts of the south. my parents were dealers in art deco jewelry and objects.
i love antiquing!!

mayberry said...

I have my parents' 1920s player piano too! Unfortunately, the player mechanism is broken and would be really expensive to repair. But the rest of the piano still works.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

You're so cute. Love the typing at the end! I have a roll top desk from Pat's grandma that I love. And a broken rocking chair in the basement that's ALMOST usable. It just needs to be recaned or something... :P I also love the dressers I find at garage sales and antique stores. They really ARE better deals and look fabulous in every room!

Shari said...

We have an old buffet that belonged to my husband's grandfather. It used to dominate his large, old farmhouse dining room. It's just HUGE, but we keep it in our living room. The girls use it to keep all their toys/books/treasures organized.