Saturday, December 04, 2010

T-Shirt Giveaway: The Hanukah Blogaversary Fun Continues

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Yes, we've established it is both Hanuka and my five-year blogaversary, so we've got lots of giveaways this week.

As with our family Chanukah observance, there will be a couple of big presents, and a few small tokens.

Today's giveaway is the result of a tzedakah project of soon to be bar mitzvah boy at our synagogue. He bought old t-shirts at a local charity resale shop, his mom screen painted them and he's selling them most mornings during Sunday School. Now, this isn't to fill his own pockets, but to help fill the coffers at Heifer International.

Heifer International is the organization that makes it easy to buy a goat for the holidays. A goat that goes to a needy family in a developing country. A goat that can provide nutritious milk, kids, and income.

Heifer also funds projects in the US.

I thought this was a pretty cool project and wanted to support it, even though the shirt doesn't fit anyone in my family. Maybe it fits someone in yours?

It's a size M 100% cotton t-shirt from the originally from The Children's Place. Remember, it's a repurposed shirt, but it's soft and clean.

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