Wednesday, January 12, 2011

El Yunque Rain Forest, Puerto Rico: Wordless Wednesday

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Some of you noticed I was off of Twitter and Facebook at the end of 2010. I was offline chillaxin' in Puerto Rico with my extended family.

We took a break from the sand and the sun at our resort and headed on a guided tour of El Yunque Rain Forest, the only tropical rain forest in the US National Forest System. I'd love to go back.

Coqui frog, so tiny, yet so loud!


FĂȘte Foreign said...

Hey! I have family on the island! Love the coqui! Hope you enjoyed it there.

Marketing Mommy said...

We're going to Luquillo, PR in a couple of weeks and plan to tour the rainforest. Do you have a particular company or guide you recommend?

Shari said...

It looks just beautiful. I hope it was as relaxing as it looks.