Tuesday, January 04, 2011

On God, Home and Holmes: Property Sluts Episode 9

I'm reading: On God, Home and Holmes: Property Sluts Episode 9Tweet this!

Inspired by my beautiful new+old talis (details in the video), I was thinking about praying for a new house, but it didn't feel right.

And speaking of feeling right, have you seen Mike Holmes from HGTV's Holmes on Homes? He's a Canadian contractor who goes in and fixes botched and otherwise half-assed home renovations.

He's strong, commanding, knowledgeable in ways I am not and he always wants to make it right. He's also got a new HGTV debuting this weekend, Holmes Inspection. I'm practically squeeing with excitement, certain that I will learn useful bits from this new show given that we have a home inspection in our future (in theory; sigh).

So what do you think? Do I need patience and peace? Prayers? All of the above?


Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction said...

I just have to say I really enjoy watching your Property Sluts videos... Hubs and I watch Holmes on Homes all the time (more than I'd like to admit), and I will be channeling some positive Holmes energy for you.

Megryansmom said...

Just to add a little humor, we always say "in bed" after reading our Chinese fortunes.

mayberry said...

I think it is OK to pray for patience! And with Wonder Woman and Mike Holmes by your side, you're in good hands.

Sara (from Saving for Someday) said...

My only concern with setting up an altar with Wonder Woman and Mike Holmes would be the whole 'praying to idols' thing. Other than that, I think it's OK to ask G-D to help you find a house suitable and safe for your family.

My home, every year for the past 7 years, has been optimized by a Feng Shui master. Laura (@ChambanaLaura) says Feng Shui is OK, along the lines of Shalom Bayit and my Rabbi said it's OK because it helps to bring to good energy.

I don't know what you would need for good house energy but if it's a Mike Holmes doll you could always put some cover-all on her (or maybe get a Ken doll to be more anatomically correct) and a mini tool belt.

Here's some good house mojo for you!

April said...

Oh Kim!

That was awesome! As always you had me cracking up ;-)

Curious though ... how did that weekend go? You know, with Holmes slipping off the wall while you read the fortune & all?


Looking forward to more!