Monday, January 31, 2011

Top 10 Picks from the International Housewares Show 2010

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As I prepare to head to the 2011 IHA show, I shared a few thoughts about the top ten items that captured my interested last year.

Last year when I attended the show, I was still in a "clearing out" mindset and I didn't know when we'd move out of my parents' house. We could (in theory, please please) have a house under contract or in our possession by the time the show roles around in March. And I will be coveting everything in sight.

Have I mentioned we gave away or sold almost everything, determined to start fresh in our new place? Dishes and plates? Gone. Though our silverware stayed.

Appliances? Mostly sold to a couple we found on Craigslist who collects Braun items.

Furniture? Well, that inflatable stuff is looking kind of appealing at this point. See what I'm talking about in the video.

Oh, there's also one bonus item--Aebleskiver. And my trendspotting instincts are sharp. Look whose talking about Aebleskiver these days.

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ChefDruck said...

Love that aebelskivers might be a hot trend! They are so good. Might just have to whip up a batch for the kids during our second snow day tomorrow.