Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The brilliant things brewing in my mind

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In the last three weeks, I've taken two biz trips that have kept me out of town Wednesday through Saturday. On the week between the two trips, I had two doctor's appointments, just routine stuff with extraordinary wait times, followed by two snow days.

Just as the piles of snow from Chicago's 4th largest blizzard are starting to melt, so the piles of papers and virtual mountains of email starting to dissipate. Slowly.

During the gap week between my two trips I launched the #OfficeHour, a new weekly MomImpact event. Join in this Thursday at 1:00 PM Central to talk about bloggers and money and the results of the recent monetization survey. Details and an official invite on Facebook.

What's up with Property Sluts?

A) I'm considering changing the name to something that won't get the videos blacklisted from certain filtering software. Your thoughts?

B) My loyal fans, both of them, in fact, have noticed it's been two weeks since the last episode. That would be because of my time crunch (see above) and the fact that I have completely lost all sense of humor about our house-hunting journey.

Our search is limited because we are looking in a small geographic area and also because sellers are in denial about the state of the 2011 market. I believe this sums it up nicely.

At this rate, I think we might wind up renting long enough to let the boys finish up at their current school, but even that could prove a challenge since their are few single family rentals around and almost none of the houses we've seen are in a condition that we'd consider renting them (which is why we are so outraged at the prices).

And about those outrageous prices: we're not the crazy ones. (Indeed, we are the ones who have a 20% down payment and great credit scores. Okay, at this point we are a little crazy.)

Proof: since last fall, several of the houses we've seen and memorialized on this blog or in Property Sluts have come down $50 - $60K in price since last fall.

Even the asbestos house, the one on which I rested my hopes, the one I wanted to own, the vacant house whose owner accused us of lowballing, has adjusted their price downward to the tune of about $45K.

We are now withing range of negotiation with the bid we placed last September. Except that they removed the asbestos illegally, and we are no longer interested in making that place our home. (Estimated testing and potential clean-up costs range from $10-12K; legally removing the asbestos would have cost $3-5K.)


Housing woes and thousands of emails to sort through aside, I am working on something exciting and I hope to have more news next week.


Michelle said...

I know it's wrong, but I feel so much better having just under 200 unread emails when I see you have thousands. That makes me a bad person, doesn't it?

Good luck on the house. There's a woman 2 doors north of me who has her house listed higher than any house EVER sold for in our neighborhood (granted, nicest and largest lot and some upgrades but NO updates in 18 years). She tells RE agents that they need to compare her house with comps from the neighborhood NEXT to ours - where houses come with 3-4 car garages, frequently need 2 a/c units, etc. She's smoking crack. And in 10 months hasn't had a nibble or moved her price by $1.

(RL) Julia said...

Hang in there Kim - your sense of humor about property will return and you will find your house! You've just been talking to February too long (it is the cruelest month, you know).

Kim Moldofsky said...

@Julia True, February, she is a bitch. Also, did you know were were *just about* to order the same bar mitzvah invites that you just sent out?! Thank goodness I procrastinate, lest we not be original and all, you know.

@Michelle My inbox would be naked with just 200 emails in it. A veritable ghost town. If I can get down to 700 (unfiled), I'd feel like I lost 5 pounds. And yeah, I know a lot of people like your neighbor!

Kristina said...

Hi, I've noticed Property Sluts ... was waiting for my fix. I love the name and think it's clever and get the HGTV reference but if it's not getting you the exposure you need, then maybe a name change? Excited about your Office Hours. I'll try to attend.