Tuesday, February 01, 2011

To Susan and Miracles

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My friend Susan is fighting cancer again.


Susan is fighting, but also praying. For a miracle.

At the dawn of 2010 I wrote about miracles and I'm reposting those thoughts, though they were not my own to begin with. Nearly a decade before these ideas went up on my blog, they came out of the mouth of a fascinating, inspiring and sometimes rather goofy man named Craig Dobkin.

An experienced mountain climber, Craig fell off the side of a mountain after a moment of inattention during which he forget to check his ropes before descending. In a workshop with him a year or two after his accident, he shared his story, describing everything from the moment he hit the ground to his time in rehab as a series of miracles.

The world according to Craig Dobkin (circa 1997?).

We can create personal and professional miracles by:

* noting that all behavior is purposeful

* recognizing that miracles are possible and noticing them when they occur
* taking risks
* keeping love present
* understanding that every person in our lives is a potential teacher.

One never has enough information to be pessimistic.

Susan, I'm fighting with you.


Amie aka MammaLoves said...

Oh Kim!!! I love that line about never having enough information to be pessimistic. It's going right into my journal.

Glad you're part of the fight.

Shari said...

Peace and prayers to Susan and her extended family.

Meagan @ The Happiest Mom said...

"One never has enough information to be pessimistic."


So much I believe I will have it embroidered and hang it above my bed.

Thank you!