Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Color Changing Shirts from Quagmire Kids

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Remember those heat sensitive color changing shirts from the late 1980s? They're back only with more fashion and flair, thanks to Quagmire Kids. The Canadian firm's new color fusion line features a variety of styles with orange/yellow, green/yellow, blue/white and purple/pink combos.

They sent me two shirts to test out with my boys and I jumped at the chance to have two brand new (read: stain-free) shirts for them to wear to the upcoming Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.

The color fusion line for boys includes crew neck t-shirts, but it also comes in collared versions meaning my boys have a "nice casual" shirt that's still fun. Year ago, I had one of those way too drawn out arguments with my then-preschooler who insisted that my definition of a "fancy" shirt was all wrong because while I said a fancy shirt needed a collar, he was certain that a t-shirts with a glow-in-the-dark Batman logo* fit the bill.

My boys like the color fusion shirts and the trendy feel that comes along with them. And of course, it's fun to figure out fun ways to make the color change beyond one's own body heat.

And, the "made in Canada" label is also a plus. I mean, don't we trust our nice neighbors to the north?

The "wicked" style we reviewed sells for around $40 USD. Widely available in Canada, these shirts will soon be available in the USA at Dick's Sporting Goods and select Golf Galaxy stores. Of course, they are available now at the Quagmire Kids website, which will also point you to other retail locations.

*For the record we compromised and he wore a collared golf shirt with the Batman shirt underneath it to the "fancy" dinner at grandma's house.

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Jen said...

Awesome! I loved those in college. : ) I'll have to search some out for the boys.