Friday, March 04, 2011

A Fun Mitzvah Project: Mighty Magnifiers

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Yesterday we heard from DH, and today, a few words from my son who is working on his mitzvah project. We gave him a choice: volunteer or actively raise money or awareness for the cause of his choice or simply donate 10% of the monetary value of his bar mitzvah gifts to said cause. Not surprisingly, he chose a more active project.

Rather than simply solicit donations he is making and selling these very cool Mighty Magnifiers. 100% of his proceeds from sales will go to his project. But I'll let him tell you more.

As you might be aware, conditions in Africa are very bad for many people. To help make the situation better, I am raising money to buy solar cookers for a village in Kenya. Kerosene stoves can cause damaging fires and put harmful fumes in the air. They are also expensive, and kerosene itself costs money. Solar cookers (called Cookits) are inexpensive and just rely on the sun, which is very abundant and bright in Kenya. These provide the community with a safe, cheap, and easy way to cook/heat food.

I am making and selling different-colored magnifying lenses for $10 each. Each purchase includes sticker sheets, as shown here. All proceeds will go to the Solar Cookit Project.

I am open to accepting donations, but I would prefer that you to buy one of the magnifiers instead. They can be very fun and help you see the world differently!

Let us know if you donate $10 or more and we'll make arrangements to send you a Mighty Magnifier.

Thanks to Gayle Weiswasser for introducing us to Global Giving.

By the time Thing 2 is ready for his big day, I hope American Jewish World Service will have tweaked their fundraising just a bit to offer some kind at-a-glance project matching as GG does.

Oh. My. Just saw this AJWS video.


Ellen said...

What an amazing idea...and cause. Max will take one in purple, please! And Sabrina, green.

Holly said...

I would like to donate and get a magnifier. Let me know where to send the check. A great mitzvah project.

erin margolin said...

I would like to buy two. Can I request colors? I have twin girls....and if they don't have the same color, it'll be World War III. Can I get two in pink or purple? Please let me know details and where to send check, etc!

my email = erin_margolin at yahoo dot com

Laura (@chambanalaura) said...

Two purples! Please. :-)