Thursday, March 24, 2011

Illinois Association of Gifted Children Call for Speakers

I'm reading: Illinois Association of Gifted Children Call for SpeakersTweet this!

It feels like the annual conference of the Illinois Association for Gifted Children just took place and they're already hard at work planning for 2012. If you've got something to say about gifted children, apply to be a speaker.

Mama always said if you don't have anything nice to say, it's best not to say anything at all, so maybe I should sit on the sidelines for one more year.

On the other hand, I'm certain many parents could relate to the following topics on which I am well-qualified to speak:

  • Advocating for your gifted child: I don't know what I'm doing either

  • Advocating for your gifted child: Learn from my mistakes

  • Advocating for your gifted child: How to be THAT mom

  • Holy Sh*t, I've totally screwed up my kid!

  • Budgeting for gifted education: How to turn mothballs into money

  • Budgeting for gifted education: How to guilt grandma into paying for enrichment classes

  • Budgeting for gifted education: Private school, specialists, enrichment programs or geek camp? How to prioritize your spending.

  • You did what?! When smart kids do stupid things

What do you think? Should I pitch one of these? Anyone want to propose a panel with me?


ChaosRu said...

I would sign up for all of those!

TheNextMartha said...

I can't even decide which one I would go to first. Too great to chose. I hope they all get approved. I love this.

Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

I don't live in lllinois, but it would be both groovy and out of sight to be on a panel about my favorite educational obsession. . . . .

Shari said...

I'll take "Advocating for gift kids: How to be THAT mom." Of course, I pushed the issue so far last year that this year the girls' teacher was ready before we met. I guess that's some progress.

Jen said...

I will ABSOLUTELY propose to do a panel with you! Any of them. I like "How to be THAT mom" and "Holy Sh*t, I've totally screwed up my kid!" because that's pretty much my life.
And I'm not kidding. I really think these sorts of panels need to be provided at GT conferences, especially if they want parents to go. Parents need to recognize that they're not alone, that others feel the same way they do, and it's really ok to laugh (albeit hysterically) at the whole thing. So if you're serious, even a little bit, drop me an email. I fully intend to be in town WELL before next year's conference, and I'm entirely serious about this. : ) said...

I would also like to propose:

My child is not distracted -she's BORED! How to get teachers to differentiate for the gifted instead rolling their eyes at them.

Or how about...

If my child is going to be a teacher's assistant you must pay her union wages: What real enrichment looks like in the classroom.

I think we should start our own conference!!
I hope you get to speak because I know you'll be great!

IAGCGifted said...

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