Monday, March 14, 2011

It Gets Better: Property Sluts Episode 16

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I've definitely been losing hope on the housing front. While prices have dropped significantly on several of the overpriced houses we toured last summer, the influx of new houses we expected as part of the Spring Market has not materialized. I'm depressed.

Lucky for me I have friends like Holly, Sara, Laura, Michelle and Amy to remind me that once my family makes it through this awkward and disheartening house hunting stage, it gets better. Life gets better.


mayberry said...

I feel for you Kim! When we bought our first place, we were looking for ages and saw some real dumps (hint: if you have nudie posters on the wall, I'm not going to want to buy your house NO MATTER WHAT). Found a condo we liked, but someone else made an offer before us. Three weeks later -- that deal fell through and the sellers came back to us and we got the place.

Hollee Temple said...

OMG, I loved this video. First of all, how is it that I have met every single one of these ladies in person? I must really be a mom blogger!

Second, I totally feel your pain. I am sorry. We only had six homeless weeks in between houses and that almost killed me. You are a better woman!

One thing about you, Kim, is that you always seem to approach life so positively. I am sure this will someday be a little blip on the memory radar. Here's hoping the house of your dreams hits the market today!

Jen said...

Oh hon! I can't believe it's been three years! :(
And I know what you mean; houses are coming out in drips and dribbles. It's March, for crying out loud! Why are there not more houses? I hope, for your sake and mine, that a flood of homes hits tomorrow. Oh, and that mine goes under contract by the end of the week.

Holly said...

I am so honored to be a part of your Property Slut series. When you tweeted me last week to tell me I was going to be a part of it this week, I had NO idea what you were talking about so I'm relieved I haven't done anything wrong!

We bought a starter house when my oldest was born and have to start looking for something bigger. I'll soon be in your shoes...and hope that it can only get better....