Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm on the List of the Top 25 Sexiest Mom Bloggers and Other Thoughts from Backpacking Dad

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One day I'm talking about bras and the next day I find I've made a new link-bait list. Check it out. You're probably on it too, you sexy momblogger, you.

A couple of things about Shawn, author of Backpacking Dad:
He is funny.
He is Canadian.
He is not to be confused with another Canadian man who is well-known in the social space (at least not according to that other man).
He is rethinking the way he does and is compensated for product reviews and giveaways, and he's started an interesting conversation about it.

It caught my attention because I have been toying around with some new ideas and compensation models for product reviews and giveaways.

Do I giveaway to readers one of everything I receive? And then do I charge for those giveaways? Do I need to write reviews or can I do product stories? What should be sponsored and what should be a strict review? And what does my accountant make of all this?

I'm all about the value exchange between bloggers and brands, but I think it's hard to serve up a blanket definition for that term.

For his part, Shawn is clear that once compensation enters the picture he's no longer offering unbiased reviews, but can offer other things in the name of promotion (like perhaps his graphic skills as displayed above?).

Inspired by Shawn's thinking, I'm motivated to define what I'm prepared to offer brands at different levels of compensation. And, of course, on the flip side, there are things I would not do for any level of compensation.

What is your policy on product reviews or promotions? How has it changed over time? Any tips as I reflect on mine?


Daisy said...

Here's an angle: I only accept products to review if I can make a personal connection. Perhaps that's the "product story" to which he refers. I had fun reviewing Dunkin' Donuts coffees in December; I brought them to school! Asking teachers for their opinions on coffees was great fun and made a great post.

Shari said...

I think reviews need to fit into your blog's purpose or else they are ads. I write about our girls as a virtual scrapbook. I've alreayd had the blog turned int o a book for them once. I'll do it again in a couple of years. Reviews have to fit in with raising twins, which gives me a lot of leeway. It does also create natural boundaries whci are easy to live with.

Backpacking Dad said...

This is the closest thing to an ode I'm ever likely going to get. So thank you :}