Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Share Your Family Travel Tips and Win a $16K Luxury Family Trip

I'm reading: Share Your Family Travel Tips and Win a $16K Luxury Family TripTweet this!

When I saw Wendy Perrin's tweet about winning a luxury family vacation by sharing a few travel tips, I immediately got to work and created an entry for the Conde Nast Traveler A-to-Z Family Travel Contest. Then I got to thinking about time and budgetary constraints in the year ahead and decided not to enter.

But then DH convinced me to enter because he doesn't think I'll win. Nice, right?

Anyhoo, here's a copy of my A-Z list of family travel tips. Note there is also a 200 word limit, so I doubled up on letters:

Always Bring snacks: hungry kids are crabby kids (same goes for adults).
Check Departure times: no one needs to get to get to the airport too early and you certainly don't want to arrive too late.
Eat Frequently (see item 1).
Give Hugs, especially after a tantrum or meltdown.
Install Just as many apps as you need to keep the kids occupied during slow times.
Know Limits for yourself and your children and don't push too far beyond them.
Many Nights you will wind up sleeping with your kids instead of your spouse. It's inevitable.
Occupy Personal space between your kids so they can’t poke/annoy/fight with each other.
Quiet Rest time each day renews body and spirit, especially when followed by a snack.
SomeTimes you need a break; that’s what kids clubs and babysitters are for.
Unnecessary Valuables should be left at home, but priceless “lovies” must come with and should be accounted for often.
With Xylitol, your teeth get protection; stick to sugarless gum while on the road.
Yaks, Zebras, koalas, squirrels, deer, naked mole rats—learn about the local fauna and flora wherever you go.

What are your favorite family travel tips?


RL Julia said...

Having just returned from a family vacation I am full of such tips!

1. You don't have to do everything together - splitting up is allowed.
2. Laugh off the inevitable bad mood/melt down best you can. Its not personal.
3. Remember to relax and vegetate some. Not every moment needs to be jam packed with activities and adventures.
4. Things I always bring with me from home - a deck of cards or some travel version of a favorite game, pens, pencils and notebooks, a few good books, apples (or dried fruit) and/or carrots and some crackers.
5. If you are willing to carry your own bags, it doesn't matter if you overpack.

Jendi said...

Thanks for sharing. I checked out the contest and noticed that everything is limited to 2 adults and 2 children. What am I supposed to do with the third child? And if I have to pay for them what kind of a prize is that?

I don't mean to attack you at all. I know that you had nothing to do with it. I've just seen that several times recently and it bugs the fire out of me!

Love your tips, and maybe you'll win - no matter what your husband thinks. ;)