Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Prayers for @Brandie185

I'm reading: Prayers for @Brandie185Tweet this!

As online friends go, Brandie and I are old chums. I don't recall when we met online, but I know we met IRL in Dec. of 2009 at the Lincoln Park Whole Foods at a blogger event. We've since enjoyed a girlfriends' weekend in Galena, I invited her to an event where she won a shiny new washing machine and we've even had a non-sponsored (gasp) dinner out with Tracey, who's got the related pictures on her blog.

Brandie, a freshly minted 32 year-old and long-time mom of three homeschooled kids, was recently diagnosed with cancer. Breast cancer. (She's one of three women I know currently fighting this, and about the 6th women I know with the diagnosis in the last two years. WTF?!)

When my family attended shabbat services before my son's bar mitzvah, I wanted to add Brandie's name to the list for refuah shlema- healing of body, mind and spirit. Typically the rabbi reads a list of names of synagogue members and their loved ones in need of healing and then asks the assembled if they'd like to add other people's names to the list before the prayer is said.

DH called out our friends' names and I wanted to add Brandie to the list, but all I could think of was @Brandie185, her Twitter handle. A momentary panic set in; I could. not. remember her last name. I thought of the odds looks I'd get, how the lovely, caring spirit in the room was would shatter like a dropped mirror if I called out " at brandie 185."

I quickly filed through my mental databases and recalled her last name. The Universe aligned and the group set its healing energy across the ether to Brandie. Or something like that.

Tomorrow, Brandie goes in for surgery. I have no doubt she will beat this, but thoughts, prayers and good wishes to remind her of that are always nice, right?

Please stop by her blog and share some love.


Brandie said...

Oh Kim, thank you so very much. (((hugs)))

Lisa said...

Thanks for the heads up Kim. I'm sending all of those her way.

deborah said...

the universe does line up. i just read your twitter comment on the article about the *sins of the father* and here you are writing about prayers for brandie....my friend, too.