Sunday, May 08, 2011

That was Kaufmans?!

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Yesterday was the big bar mitzvah day! I'll write more about that later, but I want to thank our caterer while our fridge is still packed with leftovers it's still fresh in my mind. I have no doubt that any Jew who's spent time in or around Skokie, Illinois in last 40 or so years has eaten deli food from Kaufman's.

Everyone knows their bagels, we stand in long lines to get ginormous round challah from Kaufman's at the high holy days, and their corned beef, salami, pastrami and chopped liver are legendary. Their trays grace the tables at everything from open houses to shiva houses, but did you know they also offer full-service catering?

I didn't until my mom suggested we check them out when it came time for my son's bar mitzvah.

Bette Dworkin, patiently walked us through everything from food to linens, taking into account our budget, the size of our party and the overall tone of our event. Our final menu included the obligatory bagels and lox, but also an upscale asparagus salad as well as a beet and goat cheese salad that I was worried no one but my husband would eat, but was actually quite a hit. A colorful couscous salad rounded up the trio for our light brunch.

The spread was a huge hit, with many guests asking where we got the food (as well as the catering staff, which apparently stood out from the regular kitchen help). When I told them, the typical response was, "That was Kaufman's?! Who knew?"

Disclosure: I was neither compensated for nor asked to write this post. Although we did get a free 5-pound challah that was bigger than the bar mitzvah boy when he was born, because although I didn't think we needed it, Bette was sure it we should have it. As they say at Disney, it was good show.

Kaufman's is going to be hosting a series of super fun events in June to kick off their Salami Drive for our troops via the USO. Check it out. See you in Skokie in June?

P.S. If you are reading this on the May 8th and live nearby, call me so we can set a time for you to come over and pick up some leftovers!


Jen said...

I love Kaufmans. Deeply. With a passion I passed on to my incredibly Lutheran Iowa-bred husband. Breaks my heart to be gluten free when I walk in there. I've been eating at Kaufmans since we moved to Skokie when I was 2. We try to stop whenever we're in town and plan to hit them OFTEN once we're settled back there this summer. I had no idea they catered and will remember that.
Damn. Now I REALLY want some lox for Mother's Day.
Mazel Tov to the Bar Mitzvah boy! And congrats to his mom for surviving. ;)

Megryansmom said...

My funny non-Jew comment. I'm pretty sure it was Kaufman's that I stopped at many, many years ago and asked for a corned beef and cheese sandwich. I had no clue about Kosher and not Kosher back then. The man behind the counter was not amused by my request. The corned beef was to die for, but I still think it could have used a little Swiss cheese LOL

Susan Bearman said...

Mazel tov, Kim. I had no idea your bar mitzvah was just a week after ours. Have you recovered? Also, can't wait to hear about your house. Best of luck with the minutia.