Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Day with @CraftsmanClub: Nearly Wordless Wednesday

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Talk about feeling the power. Last week, I spent a wonderful and inspiring day with the folks from Craftsman and a fabulous, patient crew of instructors who taught me new terms, skills and technology.

They really pumped up my DIY mojo and I look forward to tackling projects at Casa de Renovation. After lunch, the team showed us a variety of new/up and coming Nextec power hand tools, and I'll be damned if I couldn't put each of those things to work the minute I got them home. #gadgetlust

No, the bloggers did not receive the whole line, but I do have two goodies heading my way that will likely show up in some form at Reluctant Renovator. But before I think too much about building up our workshop, we have to tear down the walls that surround it in order to locate the foundation crack. :-/

Check out a few highlights:

@MissLori swears she didn't purposely dress to match the goody bag.

@HollyConrad's project could not have been a bigger hit.

Holly simultaneously rocks a skirt, legwarmers and a band saw. #awesome

I rock the double chin and the band saw.

@CC_Chapman simply rocks; check out that ogre knife.
Event Tweets referencing "stripping, sawing and corn-holing" can be attributed to @CondoBlues

@RedneckMommy tackles the most challenging task of the day.

Disclosure: I was not required to post about this event. All opinions are my own. I received a wrench-like Craftsman bottle opener, a Craftsman rain poncho, a tin of Garrett's popcorn(!), a box of Frango mints(!) and a few other items in addition to lunch and an ogre sword which, in case you missed it, I MADE MYSELF, albeit with Craftsman's tools and supplies.


Condo Blues said...

Kim you rocked two types of impact drivers too! it was a pleasure teaching you grasshopper. Go forth and build.

C.Mom said...

What fun! I would have been clueless and possibly dangerous with all those tools! I do wish that I could feel more confident in my power tool savvy.