Thursday, July 07, 2011

I Make Plans and the Universe Laughs

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Despite the shortened workweek, the was my BIG week to Get Things Done. We closed on the house just days before the boys got out of school which resulted in June being one big blur of camp carpools and meetings with service providers of every strips and color (nice skunk catcher reference, huh?).

On Monday, we sent the tween off for two weeks in Wisconsin (sniff) and the Teen started at a dream-like weeklong, full-day tech camp, because who doesn't want to spend their summer learning JAVA?

Tuesday we had a fairly long meeting with one of the potential contractors and Wednesday (yesterday) I planned to really dive in and start checking things off of my to-do list.

And then...

And then we had a Comcastrophe*. The Internet went out**.


After hemming and hawing and pacing about I realized this was a SIGN that I should clean up around the house (not on my to-do list, but one can argue it should have been up at the top of it) and then maybe catch up on some biz bookkeeping, which I did.

Later in the day I was allowed access to my mom's mifi unit (a portable wireless network basically) and in the evening, there were four of us huddled around the mifi, like cold beggars gathered around a trashcan fire in the middle of winter. Pitiful. Especially since the little mifi couldn't really handle all of us at once.

Today? Today, I work.

* I wish I coined this clever term, but alas, did not.
** Neighbors had some work done and someone snipped our cables!


Nikki @ Mommy Factor said...

Isn't this the way of life. Just when we think it's all coming together....hope your cable gets fixed soon

Jendi said...

We lost electric for 2 hours last Wed. and the first things that flooded my mind were all the things we couldn't do. Then my brain started working again and it really wasn't so bad. Except I really missed the AC and fans!

P.S. We signed an offer for our house. Hoping/praying/fingers crossed that everything goes through ok.