Thursday, August 25, 2011

Zoom Xoom with Motorola and Verizon

I'm reading: Zoom Xoom with Motorola and VerizonTweet this!

I'm part of of the new Midwest Moms group from Verizon Wireless. They have provided me with a Motorola Xoom and a Verizon data plan for six months and set me loose to share my experiences. 

I received my tablet just before BlogHer, which was perfect timing because the wi-fi network at a women's blogging conference, especially one with 3,500 highly connected women, tends to be a bit sluggish. No worries for me. I was able to create my own wifi hotspot and zip around online as needed.

Having only played with my mom's iPad (my mom's iPad, how wrong is that sentence?), I wasn't sure what it would be like using a tablet as my only computer while at the conference.

It was handy in some ways, not so much in others. For example, one of the tasks hanging over me on the flight to San Diego was to crunch numbers to calculate the surface area of the rooms in our new house so I'd know how much paint we'll need for the walls and ceiling. I was able to pop open my Xoom to complete this. However, later, when I went to enter my data into a Google Docs spreadsheet, I realized it was too cumbersome to achieve without a keyboard (which I may purchase).

That said, having a computer I can tote around is fabulous! Angels sing each time I power it up.

Two weeks ago I attended a high school orientation on my son's behalf while he was away at overnight camp. I took notes on the Xoom (via the Google Docs app) and then snapped shots of his classroom as well as the recommended route to the room from where the bus will drop him off each morning.
The other day I stuck it in my purse before heading to the mall with my younger son. I popped it open while we were waiting for our food (I know, bad manners, but we were in a "fast, casual" place- does that make it acceptable?). Everyone who walked by our table stopped to comment on the Xoom.

I showed my 11-year-old son pictures I'd taken with the Xoom on my flight to BlogHer and within seconds, he was making movies on it. Nothing to feature here just yet, but give him a few weeks and we he'll have something other than me ducking away from the camera.

The Xoom has dual cameras, meaning they can face what you see, or with a quick tap on the screen, capture you as your laptop computer might, so my clever boy tried to switch the camera before I snapped my shots.

And Twitter, dear Twitter, I can finally tweet out pics, something that would be cumbersome (impossible?) with my not-very-smart phone.

I'm really enjoying the Xoom and will be sharing updates on how I'm using it to make my life easier, better (truly!), and the cool apps I've my boys found in the Android Marketplace.

Disclosure Recap: Verizon Wireless has provided me with a Motorola Xoom and six months of data service, so I can be online all. the. time.


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Oh, I am SO jealous. I have a clunky old computer (ha! OLD! It's about 3 years. ANCIENT, right?), no smart phone and have only touched a laptop iPad about 4 times. JEALOUS.

Jendi said...

I know it's wrong, but I'm a tad jealous. My longing for a tablet grows every time I see an advertisement. I don't even care which kind it is! Sounds great to be able to have internet connection at a conference and you know I'd be making videos with it.

P.S. I use a not-so-smart phone too. And I am thankful I have it and can text. :)

Kim Moldofsky said...

Well, it is fun, and given our lack of internet service at the Casa de Renovation, having a 3G device is pretty handy (if only I could locate the cord after bringing the Xoom on an overnight to Chicago...).

I would consider skipping the smartphone and sticking with a tablet. Its handy to bring, but also OK to leave behind. Once you go that smartphone route, there's no escaping email, which is a good thing now and again.