Friday, August 03, 2012

Evanston Mini-Maker Faire, AKA Why I'm Not at BlogHer

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Evanston Maker Faire
As much as I wanted to go to BlogHer in New York City, I couldn't justify the business expense after adding up all the numbers. As I was hemming and hawing and number-crunching on BlogHer, I learned about the Evanston, Illinois Mini-Maker Faire on August 4 and 5.

What? A Maker Faire in my own backyard? I had missed out on the north side Faire earlier this year and thought I was destined to always miss these events.

That really tipped the scale in favor of me staying home. Plus, I was able to take an Arduino class in the time I might have otherwise been partying it up in NYC. Bonus!

I volunteered to spend some time at the MAKE booth at the Faire and then I blinked my eyes and was suddenly in charge of finding other volunteers to staff the booth. At this point, I spend a lot of time explaining the maker movement and the Maker Faire to others, how was I going to convince my clueless peeps to volunteer?

It turned out I found a couple of good people who helped me find a couple of other good people and 8 volunteers later my job is done. Well, it will be after I send everyone a reminder note.

I'm excited to see and touch and learn this weekend. And with the money I'm saving by not going to BlogHer, I'm more than halfway to a MakerBot* purchase.

i want a makerbot
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*Note to my husband, in case he's reading: just kidding on that MakerBot thing. I know that the money will likely go toward paying COBRA. Sigh.


Jen said...

Gah, I hear ya on the COBRA.
And we'll be at the next possible Maker Fair.

Shari said...

I really like the makers posts. I'm going to start looking into how to get our girls involved.

Kim Moldofsky said...

Thanks. I have a post in the queue about something I think will really be a hit with girls. Stay tuned!