Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fun Mom Fail

So I took another crack at being a fun mom and slept on the outdoor deck with my tween last night. I wasn't worried about mosquito bites this time because with the cooler weather, nearly every part of my body was covered. I wore two pairs of leggings, socks and a long sleeve t-shirt topped off by a sweatshirt. I tucked myself into a sleeping bag snug as a bug in a rug with only my face exposed.

Which is where I received four mosquito bites. Including one that nearly swelled my right eye shut.

Next time the boy wants to sleep out there it's dear husband's turn to play along.

Monday, September 10, 2012

5 Tips for Organizing During the School Year

Obviously, we're not the most organized family on the block, but I try. I try stay on top of the never-ending flow of papers (let alone email), the books, the clothes, the shoes which somehow get elaborately knotted together on Sunday evenings, the doctor visits, the haircuts (what? school picture day is tomorrow?!), and the homework while keeping us in meals and snacks and meeting my client deadlines. It all comes together, though, especially on days when I put on pants first thing in the morning and I can find my car keys.

There are a few things that help me and my family Get Things Done and I show them off in the video below.

The video prompt was provided by the #DellDozen, in keeping with their theme #DoMore. Those who are following closely may recall that I hoped to keep games off of my Tween's new Dell Inspiron, however that was a short-lived fantasy. I started to explain this change and realized that the minutae of my life bores even me, and I could not subject you to a paragraph filled with it.

So yeah, the kid has games on his computer.

Anyhoo, coffee, Cozi and computers are tops on my list of organization tips. How do you get or stay organized during the school year?

I'm receiving compensation for my participation in the #DellDozen campaign. And, holla!, I'm going to Boston with them later this week.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon I'm a Fun Mom

I thought we should do something special to mark last night's blue moon, so we went to our favorite ice cream place and I let my tween get one of those chocolate-covered waffle bowls. The ice cream was a not a rare treat, but the special edible bowl was.

When we returned home, we watched a movie and when it was bedtime (well after, really) the tween suggested we sleep outside on our second story deck. We did this earlier in the summer and it was, uh, not the most uncomfortable night of my life.

Despite a thick cloud cover that blocked much of the moonlight, it was still a pretty bright evening, which makes sleeping outside, uncovered, a rather surreal experience. I'm thinking that a new moon might be a better reason to spend a night under the stars.

I was pretty exhausted this morning.

But what the heck? Once in a blue moon I'll be the fun mom.

And here's proof that I'm fun sometimes regardless of the moon's cycle.