Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fun Mom Fail

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So I took another crack at being a fun mom and slept on the outdoor deck with my tween last night. I wasn't worried about mosquito bites this time because with the cooler weather, nearly every part of my body was covered. I wore two pairs of leggings, socks and a long sleeve t-shirt topped off by a sweatshirt. I tucked myself into a sleeping bag snug as a bug in a rug with only my face exposed.

Which is where I received four mosquito bites. Including one that nearly swelled my right eye shut.

Next time the boy wants to sleep out there it's dear husband's turn to play along.


Trixie ThrifTee Gear said...

He will have that sweet memory of his mom sleeping outside with him long after the mosquito bites are gone; you did good!

Sarah Auerswald said...

Ouch! So sorry you got the bites. Man I hate mosquitos!

But it was a cool thing to do with your Tween.