Saturday, September 01, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon I'm a Fun Mom

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I thought we should do something special to mark last night's blue moon, so we went to our favorite ice cream place and I let my tween get one of those chocolate-covered waffle bowls. The ice cream was a not a rare treat, but the special edible bowl was.

When we returned home, we watched a movie and when it was bedtime (well after, really) the tween suggested we sleep outside on our second story deck. We did this earlier in the summer and it was, uh, not the most uncomfortable night of my life.

Despite a thick cloud cover that blocked much of the moonlight, it was still a pretty bright evening, which makes sleeping outside, uncovered, a rather surreal experience. I'm thinking that a new moon might be a better reason to spend a night under the stars.

I was pretty exhausted this morning.

But what the heck? Once in a blue moon I'll be the fun mom.

And here's proof that I'm fun sometimes regardless of the moon's cycle.

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Michelle said...

You realize THAT is what you should have slept on outdoors, right? Love it!

I'm still intrigued. How on earth did you manage to fill it with water and then close it? Because you know we're going to recreate this at our house....