Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Realm of the Mad God: Halloween 2012

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Realm of the Mad God pumpkin, HalloweenRealm of the Mad God is the new MineCraft. It seems to be in this house, anyway. The Maker Tween dedicated our 2012 pumpkin to ROTMG with a nod to the old, annoying classic Nyan Cat.

If you've never heard of ROTMG, MineCraft or Nyan Cat, you probably don't have teen boys in your house.

realm of the mad god halloween pumpkin
added 11/2 It looked pretty sweet outside at night on our porch.
 Oh, you may have noticed things are pretty quiet on this blog. I've been dedicating most of my blogging energy toward my newer blog, The Maker Mom, as well as building up the monthly Twitter discussion I started, #STEMchat.

Speaking of The Maker Mom, click over to learn more about the alien egg below.
Alien Egg for  Halloween or Easter from The Maker Mom

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LiThIuM said...

Very Nice! That pumpkin is beautiful!