Sunday, November 25, 2012

Look for Me on TV Monday 11/26

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The Maker Mom is going live Monday morning on WGN Morning News. I'm showing off award winning science/tech gifts for tweens, that is kids 8 -12. This is actually my fourth segment at WGN, but I learned something important this time around. I'm thrilled with the cool products I'm presenting, indeed I hand picked them, but I've got a lot of moving parts- batteries, lights, things that require a bit of on-site prep-- or in some cases assembly, and it's a bit stressful.

I didn't realize how much extra work I was creating. I *think* I've got a handle on everything and I'll be sure to pack extra batteries. Let's hope everything goes as planned because my tech support guy is staying behind. That would be my 12 y.o. who begged to come on-air, but that would be one more moving part to handle, one that truly has a mind of its own.

At any rate, tune in or watch online between about 8:40 and 8:50 AM on Monday, November 26. I'll be sure to post a clip if the station does. If you miss the live preso, click over to The Maker Mom for an overview of this season's coolest STEM gifts.

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