Thursday, November 29, 2012

Winter Container Gardens at the Chalet

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winter container garden
Resting atop a piece of the old living room carpet.
I never knew there was such a thing as a winter container garden until I was invited to a blogger workshop on the topic at Chalet Nursery and Garden Center in Wilmette. Now I've got a lovely one sitting on my front stoop. And I made it myself!

I participated in a terrarium class at Chalet earlier this year and my plants are still alive, so I figured this was worth trying, too.

winter container garden
the raw materials: about 6 types of evergreens
Guided by the always vibrant Jennifer Brennan, a fount of knowledge and a creative muse with a background in both botany and ornamental horticulture, I snipped several types of evergreens, added a few pine cones and winter berries, placing them just so and created a display that will last through March.

It was fun, if a bit intimidating at first. Working alongside Melisa, Cindy, Michelle and Susan made for a relaxed atmosphere, though. Each of our creations was unique, but they were all fabulous.

We took the took the class at no cost. It normally runs about $55 and includes all supplies. Best of all, the Chalet staff cleans up after you and delivers your arrangement directly to your car.

If you're looking for a unique holiday gift, the Chalet can also help with that. Their offerings go way beyond what you might buy for a friend with a green thumb (though they have plenty in that category) to include housewares, accessories and pet items.

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MJ Tam said...

Wow! That looked so amazing. Really sad to miss it.