Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Life Lessons and Bongo Lessons

I'm reading: Life Lessons and Bongo LessonsTweet this!

I'm on a social media hiatus for the next week(ish), so I'm bringing in one of the loves of my life to entertain you with his skills on the bongo drums. My husband bought me these for my birthday (on request) a long, long time ago. I still haven't gotten around to taking lessons. But I'm hoping that by immersing myself in the present in real life (which sounds more pleasant and less zombie-like than, say, the flesh and bones world), I can think a bit more about my plans and goals instead of getting distracted by emails, tweets and status updates.

What a concept.

Maybe I'll finally sign up for bongo drum lessons or the yoga class I planned to take the year I turned 40, a number that is now a distant memory, or get organized because I'll be able to reflect without the many and constant distractions that are always just a tempting click away.

Wish me luck.

In the meantime, enjoy the crazy cool beats.

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